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Basic Bossman


Hi jonson

Khalil make is the best player in football

    iMennu ___

    Jaxson Fabrizo I mean he has no sacks so far

    Jaxson Fabrizo

    iMennu ___ sacks aren’t everything

    Andrew Hodges

    Jaxson Fabrizo different positions

    Jaxson Fabrizo

    Andrew Hodges but we’re talking about defensive player no specific position if we were talking about specific position then Mack is the best outside linebacker

    Eli Yonan

    I’m a Bears fan. But man, Donald is so special. I think they are 1 and 2 easily. Then Mahomes 3.

Alex Franke

uhh which one? lmao hes a monster


Mack Attack was in full Effect as Expected GO BEARS!!!🏈🐻

Jt Williams

Washington tried to treat Khalil Mack like just some guy rushing off the edge, at least in the 1st half. Yeah, just chip him with the Back, if you get around to it 😆

John Lewis

Even tho we were up and Mack just got a strip sack, he was on the sideline with a serious face while Hicks and everybody were laughing and joking. Not that that’s bad bc they deserve it, but to see that he isn’t satisfied is scary! BEAR DOWN!!

    D.J. ENCORE !


    Moe Snert

    Pure pro

Matthew Ellegood

“Which one?” :):):):):):):)


Somebody tell Me if you saw this.
( Because I’m a Defensive Coach, I did ! )
During Fuller’s interception, did you all notice how Fast, Forceful and Ferocious Khalil was on the right tackle ? This MAN, literally, had the Right Tackle doing the backstroke ! His arms were flapping all over the place.
That’s what made Keenum throw the interception. Knocked him off his square.

    Kenny Wayne


    D.J. ENCORE !

    @Kenny Wayne
    FACTS !

    D Greene

    I find myself focused on him every time. So quick and his moves are genius.

    Marlon J

    He actually dropped into coverage on Fuller’s pick, but it was Ha Ha’s second that u talking about.

Robert Poole

Khalil Mack is a beast best linebacker in the NFL

Lamuel J Sackson

Should’ve had 3 strip sacks but Amukamara messed it up lol

    Bored Murse

    That was such a bullshit call anyway, but that’s just how NFL calls go

    Aries Sensei

    Coulda had 4 but he jumped offside on that one lol

    Lamuel J Sackson

    Damn I forgot about that so he was a goddamn beast last night lol against one of the top paid right tackles

Michael Greene

One of the greatest stories ever told in the legacy of NFL FOOTBALL is about the 2019-2020 Chicago Bears.

PHILosophy 1990

That man just wants to play ball, practice, and chill.

Such a quiet beast.

Blue Bird

I like to thank the Raiders for giving us such an epic gift. Gruden literally traded a HoF LB for two mystery picks.


I really hope you get that Ri g guy! Not for me to say, but I’ll say it. No one deserves it more! Mack Down Fam!

Jared Gomez

Khalil Mack > Aaron Donald. He has way more of an impact when on the field. DONT @ME

Rob Fitzpatrick

Aaron Donald is “NOT” better than Khalil Mack.

Zech Merquise

Why teams try to block him with a running back?
Why teams try to block him with a tight end?
Why teams try to double team him?

Why try?

Bryochemical Intuition

Smashmouth! Old school! Blue collared! 🐻⬇️. Hardhat & lunchbox.
That is what Bear football is all about.


He really looks like an actual animal BEAR lol.. Lets go BEARS!!💪

john smith

He wants to show the world what bears football is about? Over the past many years bears football has been nothing but mediocrity

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