Khalil Mack: It’s going to be a good one Monday night. – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
SouthSide Chicago

Nagy is going to open up the offense and Khalil and the boys will show the world why they are the best defense in the NFL.


    SouthSide Chicago starts with Mitch using his legs extending plays on the offensive side

    Steve Clark

    I couldn’t agree more with the both of you

Jacob Davis

I bet Khalil puts up 10+ sacks this season

    Tyler Bauer

    I bet Leonard Floyd gets more

    Sam McClellan

    na he will at least get 15 sacks

    Michael Coffey

    @Jacob he set his own personal goal of 20 this season and I feel he can easily hit it even being held but ONLY if both 1 other player step up so he can not be triple an double teamed all the time (read Akeem and a few other of our defenders) and #2 he can not miss a sack as he has already (missing 2). Regardless your watching a HOF in his prime for this year and his next 2 and doing so as a Bear which he will go in the HOF as a Bear since OAK so blatantly disrespected him (not even calling him to discuss the money instead just trading him off with not 1 phone call…..)


    No 69 sacks and 420 pressures

    A F

    He’d better! Khalil is more than just sacks but he needs a solid 15-18 this year and 5-6 FF’s. Hicks has been looking lethargic. Floyd is finally coming into his own though. That makes me extremely happy!


Lets hope Eddy is ready to go Monday night. This knee injury worries me!

    Noah Lipian

    A F he’s not even injured dude

    A F

    @Noah Lipian Yes he is. He’s on the questionable list. Go the the Bears youtube channel . They said they think he’ll be ok. Thinking something and something being true are two different sides of stone. He hurt his knee outside of practice. Meaning in personal time I believe. He kicks once Saturday and said his knee didn’t feel good.

    Jayden Barker

    Noah Lipian minor knee injury, nothing serious the team just being cautious

Lenny James

Think about 2018 Monday night SeaHawk’s…..!!!! Were are season STARTED…….We BALLED OUT


Ready for the Mack Attack, Defense will be in full Effect GO BEARS!!!🏈🐻

Crispy Chris

*This is where the fun begins*

Steve Clark

How awesome would it be to end the packers play-off hope’s again this year

m rodriguez

Neither us as fans or bears can take anything for granted, both packers and broncos should have been blown out. Bears have lost 10 consecutive games to nfc east opponents including playoff loss to eagles last year! Last win was over cowboys at soldier field in 2013, so i will take a 20-10 ugly victory to get to 2-1.

m rodriguez

And on top of that they have lost 7 consecutive games to the redskins and we have not beaten them since 2003 so we just need a victory!


    Yeah but Washington is 1-8 on MNF since 2013


    m rodriguez denver was 17-1 in season home openers last week, now 17-2

deon harris

4 dislikes that means 4 packers have visited here


    go pack go
    theres a reason the bears exist
    so we can beat them :))))

    Dominic Vukobratovich

    Now six packers visited


    deon harris bear down


Hell have 2-3 sacks on Monday night

youngblak Wall Street

The Chicago BEARS LB Khalil Mack is gonna be a beast on Monday night football vs Redskins 2 or 3sacks on case keenum 34-13 defense will ball out and the offense WRs and Running Backs will have a great time game QB Mitchell Trubisky 350yrds 3tds 0int player of the game 💎 in the rough let’s get it Bears dominate 🐻⬇️

Windy City

Cool as the other side of the pillow

Arjun Srivatsa

Let’s hope for the old Trubisky to show up first before Eddy

Marcus Gregory

Khalil Mack Mack attack

Max Fire Fantasy Report

They got the turnovers in camp because, well, you know.

Drew Heartbreakcityceo VLOG

I’m going to DC for that game should be fun wish me luck first bears 🐻 game. ❗️❗️❗️

    J Dolo

    I was gone take my dad he a redskin…and be me snd my kids first besrs game. He got sick but im surprise him. Take off work and we going out. Bdubbs where it will be nothing but deadskins in the one place the few real bear fans been coming for at least 5 yrs. Im in va…16 yrs of losing to them. I cant wait!!!

Jorge Rios

Sad how all the comments are on the defense lol. Lord knows we can’t talk about our offense ohh wait we have no offense.

Ryan Donato

It is so nice to see the Bears out of the Trestman/Fox abyss but this looks like the Lovie era Bears especially the 2005 & 2006 teams. Mitch looks like the 2nd coming of Rex Grossman.

forreal pat

Do what you do. (sacks)
😁lol lol lol
We up, player.

Vote for me. GOVERNOR
Too much swagg TV
FREE label, Poppin Pat

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