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Oh yeah yeah

One major keys is to not lose

    Marvin Parker


    Oh yeah yeah

    Marvin Parker I think they forgot that part for the last 3 games

b Privott

If Tomlin calls in sick….The steelers have a chance. …just saying

Ephesians 5:11

I’ve seen pee-wee football with better game planning, play calling & game management than the Steelers.

    p pinchera

    you might say they’re pretty much unfruitful works of coaches lost in the darkness of fear and cluelessness


If we cant run, we lose.
I dont care how comfortable Mason is under center. We cant continue with 3 and out, 90 second possessions. …and trying to run from the shotgun every time with a side car running back is just stupid because the defense has more time to react and close on the ball.
Steelers need to explode and move the pile.
May as well have the team wear dresses out there playing this finesse football.
No wonder we’re losing.

Charles Sharp


Cory Allen

Is there a crappier team the Steelers can win against or are we the crappiest team now?

    p pinchera

    Tonight we find out ! All I know is I’m not circling the Dolphins game as a sure win,, thank God we get them at home . & The Bills THE BILLS !?!? D will have our offence for lunch.


the key is to L O S E

Giuliano Di Lorenzo


David Gilmore

Garburg is trash period Bengals will win who dey

    Brett Kennedy

    David Gilmore garburg? Your comeback as are trash😂


The keys to the game; Try not to embarrass Steelers Nation in front of the entire country on Monday Night

sons of liberty

Use sutton smith as a full back, he’s smart enough. At 235lbs he’s big enough. I don’t see any other option.

Virdin Barzey

The reason the run game isn’t working is because no defense fears the passing game. NE showed the league game one how to shut down this offense and Randy is doing a poor job calling plays.

John Doe

Steelers plus Bridgewater = more wins.. Let’s go get Bridgewater steelers

john edborg

I am thinking we have players who either do not respect or have confidence in Tomlin. For some I am sure it is both. Again, it takes drastic bold moves…bring Dobbs back as HC next year. That 5akes care of the racists BS and he is very young. We need our Einstein like the Pats. Or we can only hope Bill’s ole lady gives him a heart attack during her
” combine” session with him. .Even if Brady left…that FB brain would still hit on all synapse gaps….I am telling you Dobbs! He does not have the skill sets for starting. But he weakness is not his brain….very young investment for the Rooneys to think about. He can love you long time.

p pinchera

GO DEEP say maybe 3 or 4 yards instead of 1 and 2. I know that puts a ton of pressure on the O-line and is high risk but what do we have to lose ?
Also maybe, just maybe, I know it sounds crazy GET SAMUELS THE BALL ! Plus split reps between Barron & Gilbert at ILB. say 90% Gilbert 10% old man Barron. Also use Spencer in the return game and let Skipper get a few snaps just for some Splash . . . . . We still have Switz and Chick ?? . . never mind forget that ‘splash’ idea. Bonus: bring Marvin Lewis back to insure the win

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