Kevin Stefanski: “We’re hitting all the mileposts” | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Bryce Reed Reply

One dude was here and disliked immediately 😂 they know we’re gonna beat their favorite team

Sam Owen Reply

You guys will still be good!!😎🏈👍🏻🏆😎👍🏻🏈🏆

Alex Massimiani Reply

No team goes into the season predicting who will be injured but damn it seems us Cleveland fans can never catch a break…

    J A Reply

    It will work out man, berry will make some moves

    Matt White Reply

    J A
    Next year up mentality.

The chosen 1 Reply

Baker was awful today it’s this guys 3rd year and he’s doing the same thing as last year

Rob reviews Tech Reply

Earl Thomas!!!. Please pick him up!!

Travis Sturm Reply

Who the hell is Mary kay

Matt White Reply

Half the damn starting defense is out and Baker still can’t move the offense.

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