Kevin Stefanski: “We do want to do our job, we also want to do more.” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Robert Britton

Go Brown’s always 🇺🇸🏈 Come on Coach 🏈🏈🇺🇸

Mickey Lee Bluebird

Coach, we the fans can also watch & have been watching the game & film. That’s why these specific questions are being asked. The cracks are becoming deeper & more noticeable.

John Gardea

Its always “DO OUR JOB” or “ITS IN ME”. Ffs 🤦‍♂️

    K A


Deeze Nutz

How about some passion from the coach. Get angry when we turn it over , or give up a big play. Show some emotion and character. Get Miles Garrett to finally get another 2 sack game. Most importantly – RUN THE BALL WITH CHUBB AND HUNT !


Cant wait for Sunday afternoon for the typical, ” I need to do better”, ” We will look at the tape and learn from it”, ” We need to learn from this loss and move on”, ” Its on me, I need to be better and put our players in a position to succeed”.

    Q Horton

    “Just need to execute”


Do your job, ha don’t make me laugh. Y’all going to lose Sunday, and we re going listen same bs again and again.



Ben Shihadeh

I was at a point where I just wanted Priefer and Woods fired… but it seem the problem is deeper than that.


Dead man walking if it doesn’t significantly turn..

Q Horton

“Well coached.. offense, defense, special teams”


Hey Coach I’ve been informed by my contact in Youngstown (who doesn’t look a day over 25) that if you play call another bad game, your play calling privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the season. Oh by the way, we know about your little assassination attempt last week. Unfortunately for you it failed miserably. Prepare to see the FJ Cruiser haunt you in your dreams.

Saltwater Cowboy

Stefanski is a beta 🤡

Kevin Hughes

Could we uh…every single question asked I could not hear the first like 2-3 words of the question until the mic noise got louder. And honestly that means I didn’t really hear the question to know which player in many casesKevin was talking about

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