Kevin Stefanski provides update on GM search, coaching staff | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Rod Trongard

First loser to post

    Robert Valley Jr

    Go Browns

Daniel Griffith

Go browns!


Go Browns! Let’s make the playoffs please and get Chubb the damn ball on 3rd and 1

    Backup Khan


    Stomping Peak

    Then no more shovel passes

    Bobby Mechling

    @We Are God okay…2nd leading rusher in the NFL…He got the ball A LOT.

    Dzanky 1

    @Bobby Mechling as long as coach Kevin maintains giving the ball to Chubb. 17, 15, and 13 rushes respectively the last 3 games respectively. Kitchens robbed chubb the rush title.


    @Stomping Peak
    No more shovel passes YAYYY 👏
    No more shovel passes YAYYY 👏
    No more shovel passes YAYYY 👏
    No more shovel passes YAYYY 👏


I like this guy. He is growing on me. I hope this thing finally works out. Leave it to Mary to ask a dumbass question. He handeled it well. Man as I am watching this the Cleveland media is trying to cause drama with OBJ. He played hurt last gear and handeled his interviews well. What more do you want. The Browns have the first 2 1000 yard receivers in their history at the same time and the media is acting like a bunch of negative Nancy’s.

    Harrington Benton

    IT would be nice it Odell SCORED SOME TOUCH DOWNS!!! He had 4 TOUCH DOWNS this season…THAT CARDINALS RB SCORED 4 TDs ON YOUR GREAT DEFENSE IN ONE GAME!!! And all four of Odells were in GARBAGE TIME like always!


    Harrington Benton Odell scored 6 the year before , Stats wise he is almost identical and that’s playing hurt and limited practice time and with another 1000 yard receiver . Pro Bowl Laundry got 6. Chubb got 8 and he had an incredible season. What in the hell do you want from this kid. You fuckheads need to take a chill pill. You guys seem to trying run this kid off the team. Idiots.

    Steve Chapo

    +1 for negative Nancy. Can’t remember the last time I heard that.

    Harrington Benton

    @Saidakine YEAH…just like with the GIANTS all Odell TDs are in GARBAGE TIME

Christopher G

Just. get. it. done.

    Backup Khan

    Please. For once


    He. WILL.

Hannu-Pekka Palokangas

Is this guy at the back in love with Kevin? I wish I have a woman who look at me like that.

    Marica Linn


    Lord Swank

    That’s the PR director Peter. He is actually very good and thorough. He is the guy you hear in videos saying, “2 more questions guys…..2 more.”

    Terry Layer

    Omg I’m dying dude

    Matt White

    Lord Swank
    You work there or something?

abdul smith

I was like George Clooney is the head coach of the Cleveland browns! Lol

    Harrington Benton


    Stomping Peak

    I wish. Then my team could be even more of a joke


His blood shot eyes tell me he’s either blazed AF or been up all day putting in that work! Either way I’m for Kev! Get it done brother!

    Hanif Azad

    Veremalus maybe he’s been working hard all day but also blazed AF

    Jo Jo Johnson

    My kinda guy

Sean Perkins

Thank god we are keeping priefer , our special teams were the most consistent

Jon Leone

hes a good leader man. i think we got our guy

Rt Rt

One thing for sure. He is by far the most well spoken and dressed coach we ever had since Paul Brown. I don’t know what that means for his coaching but it’s easy to believe and trust him.

    James F

    Rt Rt well, Belichick was a snappy dresser and always personable.


    He dresses like this cuz this dude means business

Lord Swank

I really like Kevin’s demeanor and his ability to make bland simple comments that answer the questions but are vague enough to give anything away. Politican right here.

    Bobby Mechling

    It is a CEO mentality… different than the past coaches.

James Jewett

Could he and Kevin love be related to me they look similar

Jim Saddler

I hope he coaches as well as he looks, dresses, and handles these reporters! You can tell he’s being very careful what information he gives them by how he’s answering these questions. Smart guy!

G Money

MKC = sensationalist know-nothing HACK.

Veit L

Choo Choo this is the hypetrain! u guys ready for the offseason?


I really like the Bill Callahan hire a lot


He’d definitely make the cover of GQ! I’ve always been told you dress for success…. Belichick would say screw what I’m wearing… did you get the video of the other team’s signals? LOL

jake b

its gonna hurt if he actually does good this year because then we basically wasted last season lol

Robert Anthony

The anti-Freddie. I like him already…

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