Kerryon Johnson on third quarter turnovers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Iz Sincere Reply

Helmet was clearly down before the ball came completely out but Golladay got to make the tackle play until the whistle is blown

    bigbabyzubas Reply

    I thought I heard a Whilstle.

    They need to think hard about that play

    rc_tripp Reply

    Sorry man, that was clear as a replay could be

    Austin Rich Reply

    if you look closely the ball was out his hands before the helmet touched the ground. im a lions fan gotta be fair. just gotta play till better.

Richlite Reply

Kerryon stay strong for the packers my predictions are well go 12-3-1

bigbabyzubas Reply

We will get you in the End Zone dude.

bigbabyzubas Reply

0:15 Cool shot. PIP

RI Clan Reply

This game in a nutshell punch punch punch choke choke punch fumble choke special teams punch field goal field goal

John Martin Reply

U played great bro don’t let it get you down just run all over the packers please!!!


It’s gonna be a long 15 days but I’ve got A LOT TO DO so it’ll go faster

Jorge Lorenzo Reply

Kerryon you’re a beast! But pleasseeeee let me fade you up!!!!!!!!

    bcuz we dont Read Reply


Tyler Bouck Reply

Lick those wounds young Lion we got this! Played a great game!

Zachary Nadeau Reply

Kerryon ur a beast bro ain’t your fault

Eric Townsley Reply

Chiefs fan here,,,,Hats Off to the Lions!!! Tough Game!!!!

    bcuz we dont Read Reply

    you won by a bogus fumble return!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH

Cheyenne Duntz Reply

As a Chiefs fan you HAVE to acknowledge the Lions today.. you could literally SEE the training they did to prepare for this game.. they made it a dog fight & still held on.. respect to the Lions

    Dex Dorrey Reply

    As a Lions fan, I disagree. I think the Lions have played well at times but demonstrated against the Chiefs why they are lucky to be 2-1-1. They blew the Cardinals game who have lost their 3 other games, the Eagles dropped the game-winning TD, the Chargers fumbled on the 1-yard line. Then today they made a bunch of loser plays, like dropping the ball on the 10-yard line, inexplicably trying to extend the ball out when you’re nowhere near the goal line on 1st down and jogging off the field, not playing even though no whistles were blown. They had their chance, and they lost, period. There are no moral victories in the NFL you either win or you lose, and the Lions lost specifically because they didn’t play well enough to win.

    Cheyenne Duntz Reply

    Dex Dorrey Both teams had bad moments.. & yes a Win is a Win..& they lost.. but even through this loss they consistently pushed .. literally down to 2sec lol.. they had something to prove .. they’re not that easy W anymore .. but there’s a good amount of ball to be played so we’ll see what happens i guess

    Dex Dorrey Reply

    @Cheyenne Duntz I get you, but at the end of the day, the 2 game-defining plays were the 4th & 8 and the fumble return TD. Both those plays the Chiefs made very good plays and the Lions made very bad plays. So sure it’s nice we’re not the Dolphins and we didn’t get blown out by 28 like some people thought we would, but they made losing plays and their reward is a loss.

Keith Mitchell Reply

What ever happened to a players forward progress being stopped and that being the end of the play? Looked to me like his body was down before he extended the ball over his head. At least we keep our record alive of being the most screwed over team in NFL history by instant replay. I knew how those plays were going to be decided before the final decision even came down based on that premise.

    Stephen Antos Reply

    Keith Mitchell Your right about Forward Motion, not called much anymore!

Iam K-Tilla Reply

Chiefskingdom🔥🔥🔥 Yal needs learn how to finish

    Drop Void Reply

    Iam K-Tilla ur the type of football fan no one likes

    Chris Caahbaugh Reply

    Yea …thanks the refs for the calls that extended your drives and taking away 4 points from us…i mean if you actually seen the game you would of known that the lions were fighting more than the chief’s💯👈…also watch that last play..your db shoved a reciever to the ground while ball was coming in from behind👈 thats a spot foul any other game👈💯…

    bcuz we dont Read Reply

    boy stop yall won by a damn fumble on the goal line we was punching in the endzone yall lost that game we are a better team and you know that. i bet you u was worried the wholle time… run it back tho…

    Iam K-Tilla Reply

    bcuz we dont Read uk who else had fumbles lol jus stop yal had chances and blew em trash idgaf who won the game that’s all I wanna know

    Iam K-Tilla Reply

    bcuz we dont Read who scored on a 2 min drive who let mahomes burn em
    On 4th and 8

Leudell Wesley Reply

Bawden should be running close to goal line anyway and short yardage lions refuse to use that option for as long as I can remember since Schlesinger

    D1_Junk Reply

    Lol times have changed, most teams dont even have full backs on the roster. Its too hard lining up and running up the middle, guys are too big, fast and strong now.

    Leudell Wesley Reply

    @D1_Junk we not that kind of team not to what you think zenner role was basically? A bigger back is that

    Leudell Wesley Reply

    @D1_Junk why do over 220 pound backs exist mr football? Why are their blocking backs?

    Leudell Wesley Reply

    @D1_Junk so you try your star running back you don’t want to get hurt and he fumbles?

    Leudell Wesley Reply

    @D1_Junk don’t follow trends have own identity as football team Patriots have Devlin if he doesn’t open up holes feed him ball on short yardage

The Jeneral View Reply

Keep ya head up and keeo it movin Kerryon… its all about how you respond. Take this bye week and get yourself ready to dominate in GB 💪🏽🦁

Mr Hazlett Reply

Keep your head high young man. You guys have an amazing team. Both sides had mistakes. Could of went either way. Just left too much time for Pat. Could very well see us again this year.

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