Kerryon Johnson on RB matchup in Week 2 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lions need to use him more!

Don Bur

Use the dam man

Tyler Bouck

Way better audio thanks guys, keep it up


Guy doesn’t have the burst since last season injury….least thats my thoughts until i seee it and i didnt see it on one carry last week

    Don Bur

    U seen one game where he was slightly used & u come up with s ridiculous statement lol typical fan


    The holes aren’t there, it’s not him


    1st game rust. You might be right, happens a lot to RB’s after injury. Give him a few games with this O line scheme we’ll see if he roles or not.

Iz Sincere

Alright O Line give Kerryon some daylight been a minute since we seen him get that century mark in yardage let him and CJ work Thunder and Lightning style and if everything goes right let the rookie get some action too let’s send these charges back to LA with a L

The V Addition

I think his hair is slowing him up. Someone fade the man up!


So u guys don’t think if the holes were there/open the OC would’ve use him more?🤷‍♂️, THERE WERE NO HOLES, only opportunities to get hurt, CHILLL

🗣️ DVE D🦁E🦁N

Lazor _US

Cardinals had him contain

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