Kerryon Johnson on changes in the running back room – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Don Bur


    Jeneral GBerry

    Johnson and Johnson Express


I have all the Faith in the world in Johnson & Johnson.

Mar Wilson

Go 🦁 Lions 💪 😎!!

Michael Gutierrez

Please just win.
Us fans deserve it.


    The players deserve it too. Coaching and just bad luck have burned them so much these past few years


OL needs to open up better holes for him. Averaging 3.5 yds per carry is not all his fault


    Also averaging 3.5 is a first down every 3rd touch. I’m kool with that


    bigperm079 true, but they will not stick with the run if they are only getting 3.5. The magic number is 4.5 In determining if they are effective. Kerryon was 5.2 last year


    @Joe 💯gotcha 👍

steve O

That’s the only player locker room interview that I didn’t hear any stupid questions like the ones they know the players will avoid answering. Better question get better answers that was 7 minutes.Kerryon is already the National and Local Media’s favorite Lion.Looks like Patricia and Bevel finally said your our guy were gonna ring the bell 20-25 hope you can take the beating.
I think he’s gonna look like a different back not trying to do to much ,getting tripped up in the hole looking for 50 yard run instead of taking 8 yds end up only 2 yard gain because being greedy took the lane that had a chance for a big play also with a chance for -1.
Kerryon is gonna have a good game not gotta look to the sideline after every snap. He’s a rhythm type RB that needs be on the field 70-80 % of snaps.

Lorin Keehn

Hey says he’ll be gone and ty will be up. Uhhh no. Buddy you’re staying…… please


    Don’t worry. He’s implying he’s retiring as a Lion. Hopefully it isn’t another scenario like Barry

WT Davidson

Good interview, amazingly philosophical and wise take for a guy who’s not exactly old.
Remember KJ, you are valued on this team. Stick with us, it would be fun to surprise a lotta people.
Some fast changes, but some intriguing ones. You and Ty, JD, maybe even some PP.
Some really good stuff can happen.

Steven P

we need him to stay healthy and rush for 60-70 ypg

Mike McNally

Hes a real humble guy I like that about him hes a good dude ,n hes that baddest motha fukka on the team🤐

yayo badass

If we run the ball very well an open our playbook an our defense play like week one before they gas ouy only thing I’m goin say is look out Philly espically if they let Stafford call his own plays.



Jon Smith

Im pissed he’s not on the field more like last year,he needs More touches to heat up.

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