Kenyan Drake focused on Baltimore and proving himself – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
RB Blanco

I hope we pay Drake after this szn he deserves it we shouldn’t get rid of everybody from the old era


    Vince Greene Miami miracle?

    Vince Greene

    One play???


    Nick He hasnt even made a pro bowl lmao

    Vince Greene

    Hasn’t reached a 1000 yards either


    Vince Greene Lol, hes definitely not trash but, has alot to prove before he gets any kind money.

Ciaran Winstanley

Man needs a fresh trim

    Andrew Dozier

    Haha. I said the same exact thing. Dude needs a fade in a bad way.


Let’s surprise BAL and let em know we aren’t tanking – to victory!

Marky Mark

I’m not worried about Drake as we seen him on last play against Patriots get the win..he always shows question is the offensive line!!!


MAN! Our team sounds different. They sound a lot more mature, more team-oriented…somethings changing.

    Andrew Dozier

    I’ve been thinking the same thing. The new coaching staff seems to be focused mostly on building a team winning mindset. This may also be one of the reasons for cutting all our vets. The “old dog new tricks” problem.


    @Andrew Dozier I agree, also less resistance by jettisoning the vets…Reshad Jones is out next year, as he most definitely won’t conform.

Joe Holt

Team attitude…they Will win this season because they are together.

Jacob Lopez

F the patriots

donald Gore

To say this being a dolphins fan since the 70″s really hurts..with that said I must reveal the truth Ive been hiding from for so many years. The Miami dolphins are the laughingstock of the NFL. It begins with Stephen Ross ..and doesn’t stop until you get to the bottom. The disrespect shown to them through other teams, national media, ESPN
is only reinforced by the fact that good players refuse to come here (except to get a huge payday)and rightfully so..
My prayer is that Stephen Ross will sell this team to an owner who will care about the Team ,Its Players and Coaches instead of monetary concerns ..and allow the Miami Dolphins organization to return to its original form and again be respected as they once were.

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