Ken Norton Jr. 2020 Week 7 Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ken Norton Jr. 2020 Week 7 Press Conference

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Adam Teiblum Reply


Yandel Cid Reply


Steven No Reply


_ Botheduck Reply

go hawks

Los Cartel Reply


Los Cartel Reply


_ Botheduck Reply

russ my jersey got stolen can u give me another one ur my idol

    Will Golightly Reply

    Bruh lol

    Jaime Espino Reply

    @Will Golightly HAHAHAH

    Jason McEdward Reply

    $100 buy One!!! A day at work.

Los Cartel Reply

Fire him now

Los Cartel Reply

Fire him and sign Dan Quinn

    Dan D Reply

    It’s Pete Carroll’s defense, you goofball–all of you goofballs. It’s the same defense Pete had at USC. The Seahawks defense has had a lot of injuries: half of the good players seem to have went to the CJ Prosise School of Toughness and Physical Conditioning (Jamal Adams, Quinton Dunbar, Jordyn Brooks), and will each give you a solid three games per season. Another thing, one of the side effects of letting Russ “cook” (= throw the ball all over the place) is that it also leaves the opponent with a lot of time to cook; whereas if you have a ground-and-pound offense the other team is going to get fewer possessions and less time to rack up yards. If you have a powerful run-committed offense, the other offense might only get a couple of possessions per half.

    QBeats 206 Reply

    @Chris Lee you’re right. I am a genius. Thank you. LOB existed before Quinn? Please prove that……..genius.

    QBeats 206 Reply

    @Master Malcolm Video Jungle touché


    @Chris Lee well said, anything Kris Rachard had more credit for being the DB coach during 2013 – 14, Quinn and his Falcon record is in the books, let him in as an assistant may be, DC hell no, as much as I am 50/50 on Norton.

    Gwavy Reply

    28 to 3 I rest my case all the credit really goes to kris richard

Los Cartel Reply

Fire him and sign dan Quinn NOW

IvanTheHawk Reply


    capmc cappin Reply

    @The ToasT bro we litterally have let all bad teams we played demolish on on offense what are we gonna do when we play a team with an explosive offense

    IvanTheHawk Reply

    @The ToasT “fartknocker”? Wtf is that? 😂

    edff edededed Reply

    @capmc cappin this is such a dumb comment my gawd. “what happens when we play an explosive offense”
    – atlanta has matt ryan, julio jones, ridley
    -cowboys had dak,CD,zeke,cooper
    -vikings had thielin,cook,jefferson
    -also even pats had newton and miami had fitzmagic who can both throw…
    we’ve literally played the most explosive offenses already.. the only ones left are maybe bills and then greenbay/tampa in playoffs.

    capmc cappin Reply

    @edff edededed yea and look how close the games were we should not of let the cowboys throw for that many yards

Edwin Arteaga Reply

Fire him

seth thomas Reply

Bump him down to linebackers coach and hire Dan Quinn for D coordinator..

Joey Herrera Reply


William Ross Reply

Much love to Ken! He’s a great coach who keeps getting hated on. This defense will come around once all the pieces are playing together.

    lil oof9898 Reply


    Babiest Celery45 Reply

    Idk his schemes are pretty sus. I wouldn’t say he’s a great coach until he proves it

The Pickle zone Reply

Go hawks! Let’s be 6-0 and destroy the cardinals!

Alan Mazzucchelli Reply

Can any of these so called experts avoid asking obvious questions soliciting obvious answers.

Alabama Fever Reply

He may not be perfect, but give it time!!! There would be a terrible morale in the locker room if he was fired/demoted after a 5-0 start!

    Richard V Reply

    5 & 0 thanks to a high scoring offense . The defense has given up record high yards and points and is flat out painful to watch at times . It’s been that way since Norton took over .

    DArion Mccleary Reply

    @Richard V Fax we need to get Dan Quinn as our DC

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