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Keller @ Large: Are Patriots Only Ones Left With Humility?

Patriot's training camp is here the paths will have their first full team practice today and some analysts are already talking about the Pats going undefeated this season but our John Keller says not so fast good morning have you noticed how humility is in short supply in our culture these days non-stop boasting and trash-talking is the coin of the realm and sometimes you feel like modesty and humility are taken as signs of weakness that's why it was so refreshing to hear Patriots star safety Devin McCourty fresh off yet another Super Bowl win show up at the team's first practice yesterday and immediately shoot down the preseason hubris of Pats fans who've been talking about the team going undefeated this season you know to say before we even tackle somebody throwing past that you know we're gonna be there about our schedule I think that is kind of disrespectful thank you it's not only disrespectful I can assure you any player caught indulging in that kind of talk is gonna find themselves in coach Belichick doghouse fast but sports isn't the only arena where humility is hard to find remember then-senator Barack Obama speech the night he clinched the 2008 Democratic nomination for president quote I'm absolutely certain he said that generations from now will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow the rise of the oceans now that self-confidence and of course President Trump is always the first to inform us that everything he does is the greatest thing you've ever seen with the exception of the late great Abraham Lincoln I can be more presidential than any president that's ever held this office that I can tell you it's really sure it is just like going 90 nano talk back to me via email at Keller at WBC or use Twitter at

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