Kellen Moore: We’ll Continue to Build | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Iā€™m naming my son kellen

    Asa Henry

    JJJ MVP1 for real I love this man.

    First Name Last Name

    If we win a Ring I might consider it lol

    Reg Nash


    Manuel Tovar

    If we win a ring ill rename my step daughter kellen. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

billy heaton

This guy’s dad was a coach all of his brothers are coaches smart guy only 31 year’s old



David Lopez

šŸ˜‚ man who hired this camera man

Sharita Martin

One smart move hiring him.

    Boxing Jab 101

    Smartest move since trading Herschel walker to the Vikings

The Rambler

Michael J Fox was moonlighting as a camera man




    Cold but funny.

    Paul Cavigliano

    Oh man šŸ˜† thats gonna trigger some snowflake somewhere.


This dude has football in his blood, his dad was a coach too. Very fresh play calling, he has what Linehan was missing !! #GoCowboys

    J Gambrell

    Classic case of the student knowing more than the teacher



Micah Burkman

Boise state fans wondering how many chumps are out there still doubting Kellen?

Dan Watson

Pizza boy! LOL

Gabriel Arellano

Pizza boy great job šŸ‘

Michael Stanley

Clearly the right guy for the job. Dak had his best game as a pro. Go Cowboys.

Paul Cavigliano

I really wish he would have had the opportunity to consistently start as QB in the NFL. I think he could have done really well if he would have had the chance.

    Henry Hill

    I know but I believe everything happens for a reason. He was born to call plays for Dallas and lead us to a Superbowl

D- C

this dude is a brain you want behind your team. im really excited for this season

Russell Jennings

Kellen Moore. Boise wishes you all the luck leading our team to the super bowl this year. āœŒšŸ¼


Kellen Moore put Boise State on the map. When I was watching the game, it had Boise State all the offense.


    I would say the undefeated season in 2007 and the bowl game brought national attention and recognition to boise state, but you’re right Kellen Moore was an integral part of BSU football, most wins by NCAA Division 1 FBS quarterback


The only thing bad about this interview is who was recording man!!!! Hold that camera still

kitkat is odd

Bruh the camera man is drunk

Shoresy 69

Moore finding what he can do. Those who can’t, call the plays. So nice.

Reg Nash

Head to brain ratio 100:99, confirmed

Henry Hill

Moore is a God in Dallas now. What us fans been waiting for since Garrett era. Thank you Moore keep calling great plays!!!!!!!!

Isaias Mendoza

Go watch the interview he had with Gruden on ESPN he was made for this. He wasn’t physically gifted but boy he has some crazy iq

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