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Still cant believe our new oc kellen moore looks this young lmao but aye, he a goat

    Gerald W.

    Jfal23 U know Jerry trying follow the Rams footprint. Lil Mcvay esque


    Gerald W. True, mini mcvay lmao

Kinto \》

The man has been doing his homework. Just look at the Cowboys Stats 1st in pass yds and 3rd in total yds.

    K Will

    Whatever…thats like the Lakers bragging that they were in 4th place in the west with 20 games to go in the season.


    K Will Cowboys are first place (technically) & Lebron went down so that’s the Equivalent of Dak going down

Dre Taylor

Advantage Cowboys because they have a lot of talent on offense and the opposing team can’t defend something they have no tape or game plan for.

Damion Cooke

AirMoore!!!! the Airial Attack!!!!

West World

If the Cowboys win the SB with this offense and Dak get MVP … Kellen Moore will be the new Cowboys HC next year.

    ONE4EACH FINGA Affixxed for that 6th

    Cant forget about Richard! He has our defense clicking, Kellen has to get in line

    Clark 8

    You couldn’t be more wrong!

    mikey joe

    He is gonna be the hc soon anyway.

    Eric Jefferson

    West World stfu with the SB talk please.

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    Uh, NO dummy


Always had faith in his coaching abilities. Now he has many tests in front of him but it’s refreshing to not have to endure the boring handoff, handoff, short pass or screen, punt Linehan routine. Moore brings the offensive strategy back into the 21st century.

    Eric Jefferson

    NoxZero lmao Always? He’s been OC for 30 minutes now and you said you always had faith in his coaching abilities? Makes 0 sense.


    @Eric Jefferson even when he was a back up qb he was always praised for his football smarts by those who worked with him including his teammates. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when he became qb coach. You think that was random? From all I read and heard about him and father I knew he would be better fitted as a coach since then.


    @Shorty exactly. People think the cowboys were taking a complete shot in the dark back when they made him qb coach. Because of all the stuff I read and heard about his history, football IQ, and father it wasn’t surprising to me. Very excited to see him get this opportunity. OC for the Dallas Cowboys. Pops must be proud.

Henry A

All these reporters trying to get Kellen to give up our blueprint. Kellens not dumb

    Eddie V

    Very smart.

    Heem Boy

    Exactly Bro

Calvin Johnson

We’re favorite to beat the Redskins but we must be ready to play at a high level. Plus it’s always tough going against a division rival.

    West World

    Only tough when your offense is predictable with no adjustments and not aggressive

Simus Says

This kid gonna make Garrett look GOOD

Cowboys Coalition

It was easy to love what this offense did last week and it’s impossible not to be pumped for the sequel! It may not come as easily for us this week, but I absolutely cannot wait to see what Kellen and this new look Offense has in store for the Redskins on Sunday!

IsReal 777

Moore offensive plays… no need to unleash Zeke yet. Dak will Attack thru the air…

Bill Bates

Reminds me of a young Belechick

Ricardo Lewis

This is gonna be a tough game. Redskins hate us more than we hate them. Go cowboys.


    Ricardo Lewis overall cowboys have the better roster so they should still win

Gerardo Arriaga

Relax people, Moore first year.
Wait until 9th or 10th week how the team is doing with the pressure

Lowry Crane

Watch the crumble and dropped jaws as the red skins dominate. Go cowboys!

Darin Manuel

He know how to handle them reporters and I hope he keeps up that pace he had in the first game thru out the whole year…he has alot of doubters but I believe in him!!


Really liking this guy


Interested to see if we can sustain our offense once coaches get tape on us




They always said Kellen would be a better coach than a player

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