Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore talks with the media about how the team is emphasizing big plays, what it's been like to have Jason Witten back on the field, getting Amari involved and more.

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47 replies on “Kellen Moore: On Witten’s Return, Big Plays, Amari Cooper & More | Dallas Cowboys 2019”

  1. I want to be confident that he’ll succeed as the OC… After watching him play, and watching him on the John Gruden QB Camp, Kellen Moore showed complete knowledge of the Boise Offense. He read defenses. Kellen showed that he was able to get every player on offense involved and seemed to know their strengths. It seemed that he was instrumental in teaching players the offense at Boise… He is a coaches son, who is a student of the game. I’ll have faith until I’m proven wrong… COWBOY UP !!!

  2. I want to know what happened to Dak’s accuracy last year, after he was one of the most accurate QB’s his first 2 years. The only thing I can think of is that he played with faster players; Amari Coop and Mike Gallup. . . . What say you ???

  3. His accuracy suffered because his footwork went bad. His footwork went bad for awhile after that multiple sack Atlanta game in ’17. His accuracy rebounded in ’18.

  4. The Cowboys have become a very fast offensive team in just 1 year:
    Amari Cooper 6’1 210: 4.34
    Michel Gallup 6’2 210: 4.45
    Randall Cobb 5’10 195: 4.46
    Tayvon Austin 5’9 180: 4.28
    Devin Smith 6’1 200: 4.37
    Cedrick Wilson 6’3 205: 4.5
    Tony Pollard 6’0 208: 4.38
    Zek Elliot 6’0 225: 4.45
    Mike Weber 5’10 212: 4.47
    Jalen Guyton 6’1 210: 4.37
    Jon’Vea Johnsonv 5’11 190: 4.38
    Reggie Davis 5’11 175: 4.31
    Noah Brown 6’2 226: 4.56
    Allen Hurns 6’2 202 4.55

  5. The Zeke-focused offense was Scott Linehan’s offense …. when he lost Tony Romo for the Romo-focused offense.

    The Zeke-focused offense is a crap offense.

    Cowboys offense should be BALANCED with a strong running and passing game.

    Kellen Moore is continuing with Scott Linehan’s crap Zeke-focused offense.

    The Zeke focused offense lost the Cowboys the game against the Rams.

    Zeke has only been good when the OL is good. The Rams worked out the weakness in the Cowboys offense … & … Defense.

    Trade Zeke and build a BALANCED offense.

  6. Moore was Scott Linehan’s toyboy that he brought with him from the Lions.

    Scott Linehan created the crap Zeke-focused offense, after losing Tony Romo & the Romo focused-offense in 2016.

    Moore just said, he’s going to feed dak the ball as much as possible. That is what Linehan did in the playoff game against the Reams.

    Cowboys should have never drafted Zeke in 2016.

    Linehan would have been forced to properly coached Dak to run a BALANCED offense.

    The Patriots have never had a franchise-RB focused offense …. and have dominated the NFL for 17 years, has 6 rings, and have a consistently good O & D year after year after year.

    Cowboys get rid of Zeke, and build a balanced team.

    Again. Moore was Linehans boytoy, and he just confirmed he’s going to feed zeke the ball as much as possible. You’re been proved wrong.

  7. This guy is Belicek material which will be good for us. Lord knows we have had our share of clowns

  8. Rob S it wasnt only his foot work. He was creating those sacks with awful pocket awareness. I hope that changes

  9. Dak had completely new WR group 2018 season. QB has to trust his receivers. Hopefully with one offseason they can get comfortable with each other.

  10. Its funny how everyone has an opinion on Moores coaching ability without actually seeing it in action. I have no opinion other then to say I can’t wait to see it. One thing you can say is this team has a ton of weapons on both sides of the ball. I also think that sticking with Moore allows for Dak and the rest of the offense to maintain the foundation of the offense they have already learned without having to learn a whole new system, lets admit something right here, we weren’t that far away last year. We all know what happens when a new offense is brought in and the team is forced to learn a whole new system.

  11. Agreed. I am “Moore” excited about Kellen Moore’s play calling this season, than I am anything else about this team.

  12. Rare to see OC presser Q&A. Linehan was invisible and ducked public scrutiny a tell tale sign of why our play calling remained predictably vanilla. Hope Kellen Moore is a ray of sunshine. Let’s Go Cowboys!

  13. This guy called his own plays at Boise State and was good at it. I know that was college but we shall see how it is in the NFL.

  14. Derek Maugans oh ok but the time Iโ€™m talking about was at the combine. Iโ€™m not complaining the dude got faster

  15. He’s bringing the Cowboy Blues to Texas….The same old thing we had……calling up those same ole ho hum plays……and making us all look bad….standing in front of those microphones feeding those guys a line ……….telling them how great things are gonna be, when he knows it ain’t worth a dime……Yeah he’s bringing Cowboy blues to Texas….Just to watch them fold…..losing in the play off’s never reaching the Super Bowl…..

  16. Or just build a balanced offense with the workhorse they have now. 15-20 carries a game, utilize him more in the passing game, and spread the ball out to their receiving core which has improved significantly from last season.

  17. @Jordan Johnson Franchise RB & QB have to be paid at least franchise tag money.

    Eagles have just won their first SB with a great “balanced” team and NO franchise RB or QB.

    Patriots have a franchise QB, and a consistently good offense year in year out … and have never had a franchise RB.

    Cowboys did not need a franchise RB in 2016. They already had a good running game with McFadden & Morris. They needed at least a CB & LB.

    Cowboys did need to start looking for a project QB to develop behind Romo.

    The 2016 Cowboys would have easily had a winning season with NO ZEKE and McFadden & Morris sharing the running duties, Dak properly coached as a passer in a balanced offense … and with Ramsey & Myles Jack drafted in the first two rounds. This would team would have easily been better than the one we got with Zeke and the so so D.

    Linehan would have been forced to properly coach Dak in a balanced offense … if the cowboys never drafted Zeke in 2016.

    The Zeke focused offense was Scott Linehan’s stupid creation because he lost Romo and then Moore to the Romo-focused offense.

    Cowboy fans need to realize, the Patriots have never had a franchise RB-focused offense, and they can readily win games with their backup QBs and even a season with crappy Matt Cassell.

    The OL is heart of the Cowboys offense, … and then comes the QB. But the Eagles have shown the the QB doesn’t need to be a franchise QB.

    Copy the Patriots, and the Cowboys will get their 6th & 7th SB ring within the next 10 years.

    Maintain a great OL … have a “good” QB … properly coach you players … and have a great playcaller … and the Cowboys will not need expensive RB, TE or WRs. All they will need are good enough offensive weapons.

    This is what happened with the Eagles in 2017. Just like the Patriots, the team readily won with its back up QBs.

    Cowboys are not regularly winning with its backup QBs even with Zeke. You know this to be true. And this was because we have had three seasons of bad coaching for the crap Zeke focused offense.

  18. Linehan offense is a great offense but you have to CALL the right plays and now be so vanilla. There isnt much change that needs to happen, RPO and play action has to increase and pre snap motion and use that to make daks job easier and the offense less predictable.

  19. @Andre Williams The Cowboys offense was Romo’s offense when Zeke & Dak were drafted.

    Romo ran the offense not Linehan.

    Romo & Moore got injured and Linehan was stuck with no QB that can run Romo’s offense. We saw how bad Linehan is as an OC in 2015 with no Romo … but with the great OL & weapons.

    Linehan created the Zeke-focused offense in 2016 because he had no QB to run the Romo focused offense.

    Dak was drafted to learn how to run the Romo-focused offense behind Tony for 2-3 years.

    Dak received no coaching for the Romo offense because the Cowboys offense became Zeke-focused and the play book was simplified for Dak to simply support the running game.

    All we started to hear in 2016 is run the ball and time in possession to give the D a rest and dink & dunk Dak supporting the mighty Zeke.

    Then along comes 2017, and the OL is failing to block & protect and Zeke is suspended and suddenly everybody is calling Dak a bust who has only been good because of Zeke. They completely ignore Linehan’s crap playcalling & crap coaching of Dak in a Zeke focused offense with a failing OL.

    Then in 2018, with Linehan still running his Zeke focused offense, the offense sucks and Dak gets the most of the blame even though the OL still failing was the main reason along with Scott Linehan’s crap offense.

    Cooper joins the team and they fire the OL coach, and suddenly everybody is saying getting a top WR is just what the offense and dak needed, when it wasn’t.

    The cowbosy needed the OL to be doing its job, … needed Scott Linehan to be fired… and needed a good OC building a BALANCED offense around its QB.

    Scott Linehan’s crap Zeke focused offense, bad coacing of Dak and bad playcalling was the reason the Cowboys got annihilated by the Colts and lost against the Rams in the Playoffs.

    Linehan has finally been fired.

    Cowboys need to return to the Romo focused offense at the least, that Kellen Moore was trained to run,

    Zeke & Dak were drafted to play in the Romo-focused offense behind/with Romo.

    This is the offense the Cowboys should have had in 2016 – 2019, if not completely balanced. Dak should have been trained as Kellen Moore was, to run the Romo focused offense …. not gimped by Linehan to be a game managining dink & dunker for the Zeke focused offense.

    Cowboys need a great OL & well trained QB, great coaches … and good, not great, weapons..

    Cowboys do not need a franchise RB

    Eagles won their first SB without a franchise RB and without a franchise QB.

    Eagles had a solid OL, good not great, weapons, a well coached QB … and great coaches.

    Patriots have dominated the NFL for 18 years and have NEVER had a offense reliant on a franchise RB. Patriots can readily win games with its backup QBs and even won a season with Matt Cassell.

    How well did Matt Cassell do coached by Linehan for the 2015 Cowboys?

    Again. Linehan created the crap Zeke focused offense because he had no Romo or QB to run Romo’s offense.

    Linehan is now gone.

    The crap Zeke-focused offense should also go.

    Trade Zeke, and don’t pay Cooper.

    The OL & the QB … is and always will be the heart of the Cowboys offense and what will win the team another trio of SBs these next 10 years.

  20. @Lil Sonic Recinos 6’2 now 226 at 4.56, just for you Rec….the slowest wide out.๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ’จ

    I say we pack 12 pounds on him and make him a TE/H-Back for the Linebacker mismatch.

  21. Vincent Sample eh Iโ€™d rather him stay at a red zone threat receiver tbh and btw whereโ€™d u see that his 40 got slower

  22. And now an offensive genius too. Not even talking about the loads of talent on defense. The only way Dallas loses the sb this year is from injuries or beating themselves. This talent might be the best I can remember from any team.

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