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I still cant believe hes our OC, i hope he turns out to be a guru like Mcvay

    Dividend Income

    Let’s hope

    Jesse Sherman

    You think a guy goes only loses 3 games in college doesn’t know how to coach and offense atleast at a minimal level


    Let’s hope we can outscore both the Packers and Bears from tonight which was just a total of 13 points. What a stinker opening season game.


    @thegorn68 yeah that game sucked. Trubisky looked TERRIBLE

    Adrian V

    @thegorn68 it was boring af!


It’s still so bizarre to see him as the OC

LeXx Diamondz

He better demand his respect or he’ll be getting Wedgies

Russell Jennings

Kellen!!! Hello from BOISE we miss ya. As a long time die hard cowboys fan and Boise state broncos fan we love ya. Maybe send some cowboys gear my way? 🤞🏼

    Stacy Lynn Sutherland

    When did he graduate boise state? Yesterday ? He looks like he is about 12 years old

IsReal 777

Kellen Moore is gonna be a head coach one day.. where? Who knows.. Go Cowboys!!!

    Hunter Crain

    IsReal 777 Boise State or Jerry’s quietly “grooming” him.

    TK King

    He’ll be with Garrett- unemployed if he loose with all the weapons he got…

Alex Rodrigues

He’s got some big shoes to fill, hopefully he keeps his head straight when there is game on the line and give that extra spark when needed. (Meaning when Current head coach cant do the job)

Hunter Crain

I’ll be a fan if this dude gives the ball to Zeke inside the 5 unlike Linehan who’d call 3 fades and kick a FG.

    Evan Schirm

    Ayyoo🤣🤣no cap Scott was really trippin



    Chase Dyer

    Yeah i don’t miss the handoffs on 3rd and long either

    Mawashi Geri

    Chase Dyer the screens… all those screens.

jeremy x

Kellen Moore will be the Dak Prescott of OC/HC’s

He will over achieve
With poise and command as he says Dak is


“Pieces”. We have a lot of different pieces and we will move them around. Sounds like the game of chess, doesn’t it!



Nicolas Garcia

I’m betting that kellen is a step up from Scott.. #DC4L


    Yeah. Linehan was on the level of an average high-school OC, in the play-calling department at least – run your best play twice in a row (giving it to Zeke up the middle), if that doesn’t work try a pass on 3rd down, and occasionally try a gimmicky “trick play”. That’s basically any high-school coach’s strategy, since most high-schools don’t have any sort of recruiting, so they’re likely to have one player who’s just that much better than everyone else.

    Dana Jett

    More jealous hearted trolls

    Dana Jett



This Man will do just fine with the Cowboys. His demeanor is perfect for the media.

Ernie Estrada

Good luck man I hope you have some cool Football plays for us🤠☝️🇨🇱🐃🐂🐂

Travis Holly

Glad Ezekiel Elliott is back now we can stop the nonsense about Tony Pollard replacing him or trading him.

    Dana Jett

    Say bra me and you both, but you also know those weren’t real fans maybe eagle fan trolling pretending to be fans people hate us so much they do anything, the hate will grow because I get the feeling we’re going to be tuff💪💪

Lowry Crane

I’d hate to have my decision to be based on the performance of others, but that’s the nature of the job. Good luck young man!

Mark Cocio

You’re looking at the future head coach of the Dallas Cowboys

Felony Strutter

Kellen is PURE CLASS. I sent him two photos to sign 3 years ago and he sent them back along with other things. He is the coach we need as OC. As Bryan and Mickey tried to tell people for 3 years now, I LOVE ROMO…I rather have him than Dak anyday but the QB’s who helped out Dak the most his rookie year was Mark Sanchez and especially Kellen, Tony helped Dak on Game Day, that’s about it. I love the hat hs has on…hope the store has it.

Linda Easley

I hope we see less conservative offense with Kellen Moore . If it’s the same crap as Linehan , Cowboys will keep sucking at post season game preparations

Flat earth is New Jerusalem

Flys under the radar…he is an offensive genius you will see a completely different dak Prescott…players coach and dak respects him
Football is a brotherhood more than a business..when you have a band of brothers you have a formidable force..Scott linehan was the opposite it was all business to him

Stacy Lynn Sutherland

I just can not see how a back up qb that rarely saw the field during his short career can be an effective offensive play caller innthe national football league. The math doesnt add up

Notaliberal Fromcali

Football mind.. he is made for this job. The haters will be silenced.

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