Kellen Moore: Dak’s Letting It Rip | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Payson Bauders Reply

Let’s go cowboys 💪👍

Damarious Edwards Reply

Teams probably already calling this man LMAO!!

Payson Bauders Reply

OMG I love Dallas cowboys but I am scard bc of the Patriots game

    dragon joe Reply

    They can be beat, just like us. Last season it was the Saint’s. We shall overcome!😁🤘🤘

    donna ancrum Reply

    Why the Patriots they can lose also, why not Us taking them down.. Matter of fact we will!🏈 Cowboys all day here!

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    Dallas is built to beat da pats an kc

Michael Gilbert Reply

What’s up with all the old tape recorders? This is 2019 right?

    JackMaster101 Reply

    They arent tape recorders they are audio recorders similar to a phone like leaving a VM, we use them in law inforcment, you can download them to computers as well.

Linda Easley Reply

I just have this feeling that this is not going to be a nail biter game . Cowboys going to dominate on offense and defense .
We will see if I’m correct

    Jozeff Pierre Reply

    Linda Easley 🤞🏾

    Soulfullybeautiful Reply

    I feel the same. It’s going to be a win for us DC4L

    Kevin Avilez Reply

    Cowboys will win with ease

    Big D & Dudley tv Reply

    This should be a break out game for our defense especially since we have Robert quin getting to the quarterback…oh a mark my words trysten hill will get his first sack

Lee Macho Reply

I want that hat. Anybody else? No? Lol

    Robert Baratheon Reply

    i do but i got like 10 dallas hats lol its an addiction

    saskill41 Reply

    That hat is Awesome! 👍 I Do want that hat myself as well, looks cool! 👌😎 ⭐⭐⭐ Go COWBOYS ⭐⭐⭐

    On concrete Reply

    Lee Macho pass

Dividend Income Reply

This will be Kellens first real test

    jeremy x Reply

    I kinda agree
    I would’ve said Green Bay is our first real test
    Because Drew Brees is out
    And that will be the excuse once we beat them again

    Yet now
    The way Philly and GB just ran rampant on each other’s defense’s

    I just dont know

    Keith Arm Reply

    jeremy x Dallas’s Defense and Offense is off the charts

    jeremy x Reply

    @Keith Arm
    I saw one poll or chart that had us ranked
    #4 offense AND #4 defense after week 3

    We’re deeper talent wise

    Keith Arm Reply

    jeremy x we gonna keep knocking down these haters.. Cowboys go two, now with Dak,Zeke,Amari.. rest of the team.. It’s like how many Superbowls we gonna win continuously…

    jeremy x Reply

    @Keith Arm
    And that’s realistically possible too Keith

Dan Blatt Reply

Keep up the great work K-MOORE 👍

guillermo luna Reply

Kellen Moore Thank you for all the hard work in Boise state seen all your games, ppl in Texas jst knowing you right now at first they didn’t believe in you… I an the other hand I know your a genius, you know how to pick apart defenses

randyjsing Reply

Kellen’s the man! Dude’s got allergies. Y’all hook him up with decongestant! Cowboys will dominate Sunday night.

    Jeremy Ledbetter Reply

    randyjsing needs to stay away from diary and sugars

Cezer TheGreat Reply

We Need This Win!!!!@ Call The Best Game Of The Season!!!!! #WeThemBoys!!!!!

De Von Reply

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

Andrew Wheaton Reply

Kellen Moore is legitimately going to be a head coach one day, if not one day soon.

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    Moore is dallas head coach now believe it or not garret is jus on for da ride to get this ring an move on yall dont see this folks

Calvin Johnson Reply

I looking forward to Kellen Moore to using the hurry up offense to take advantage of the Saints defensive personnel.. Also watch how well he makes in game adjustments…

Jeremy Ledbetter Reply

Very intelligent man. MVP so far

donna ancrum Reply


Ruminating15 Reply

Every week you are getting multiple interviews with Kellen Moore and seeing how involved he is. I can’t remember the last time I saw Scott Linehan being interviewed.

    Jose Garcia Reply

    Scott Linehan was like Berry Switzer not really giving a sh!t.

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    Kellen moore interviews is a sign of garrett being gone folks

Keith Arm Reply

Marching to the Super Bowl… Came to a great Team!!! Go Dallas

jeremy x Reply

Kellen is definitely a great HC in the making

    jeremy x Reply

    @Ali Muhammad
    JG will win COY again because of Kellen Moore
    He will be promoted to the front office in order for us not to lose Moore’s genius

    Either that or Moore will be paid as a HC in order to stay on

    Will McClay will get the next major extension

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    @jeremy x moore will roam the sideline as hc next year an for years next saun payton

    jeremy x Reply

    @Ali Muhammad
    I’m on board with that 100%

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    @jeremy x right i jus analyz football an wut i saw from packers an eagles aint no way they beat those cowboys

    jeremy x Reply

    @Ali Muhammad
    Datz watzup
    I mean Dak’s watzup 😁

James Rhoades Reply

Jason Garrett shouldn’t be left out of the spot light. Good job Kellen for doing your job.

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