Kellen Moore: Clear Your Mind | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kellen Moore: Clear Your Mind | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Dak Prescott has thrown four interceptions in the past two games, but Kellen Moore said he has the right approach to keep that from hurting his confidence.

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Nathan Kohler Reply

Go Cowboys!!!

aaron rogers Reply

No more Boise state plays Kellen 📣Go Cowboys!!!!

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    aaron rogers He isn’t going to listen to you stop being an idiot for once 🤦‍♂️

    aaron rogers Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta stop being a troll for once I know you like the attention but damn learn to shut up sometimes

    Jordan K Reply

    Kellen Moore said he had a good laugh when he heard about the Boise State signal story, because the Cowboys didn’t do “a single thing the same way” to that. “It made a good story. Clickbait right? You guys know a little bit about that”

    aaron rogers Reply

    @Jordan K yea I read the story I was being sarcastic maybe I should’ve been more clear on that but as a fan I wouldn’t just put anything just cause I want to I do my research so I don’t sound stupid like some people do. I thought it was funny though too.

    aaron rogers Reply

    @Jordan K that wasn’t a shot to you I feel like people will take it the wrong way

Thomas Just Reply

They need to fire this useless coordinator

    2 Faces Of Evil Reply

    Reserved I’m just saying Jason Garrett been there 10 years as coach it’s always the same stories, like when does he take the blame for anything?? But we have a good team that should make it to the playoffs if all healthy,

    Jayce Reply

    @Thomas Just The offensive line is under performing you idiot.

    Reserved Reply

    @2 Faces Of Evil exactly I’m talking about Kellen Moore though, Garrett can go

    Thomas Just Reply

    @2 Faces Of Evil This roster is perhaps the best since the triplets days, but the team is basically built to run and these two want to pass all the time and when they do run they use the same plays that everyone knows how to neutralize

    2 Faces Of Evil Reply

    Jayce tell that to New England and Seattle and Green Bay or Kansas City . Idiot!!!!!!

chuckle chuckle Reply

I agree stick to game plan and execute and play as a family and they will be the team they always say they can be

JAG Reply

It’s Howdy Doody Time

boxing97 Reply

Saints player came out and said they knew the plays kellen was about to call, just by film study from his Boise years.

    Jordan K Reply

    Fake news

    Rick Howard Reply

    100% fake news. Kellen was the qb on the field and when he wasn’t on the field he wasn’t even calling plays, the underclassmen and backups do the signals and they all do signals at the same time with different ones but only the qb on the field knows which one is the right one . That whole story is so dumb its sad.

Henry Hill Reply

We just need a good balance we won’t be stopped.

Don Leon Reply

Nah, not coming out of the draft. Coming out of the closet.

Jordan K Reply

Kellen Moore said he had a good laugh when he heard about the Boise State signal story, because the Cowboys didn’t do “a single thing the same way” to that. “It made a good story. Clickbait right? You guys know a little bit about that”

    Rick Howard Reply

    I’m from Boise and when I heard that story I laughed.

NEMoretime Reply

Hey Kellen I’m routing for you to do well as OC for the cowboys.

I just want to remind you to check the wnning pct for teams that have a rb that carries the ball 20+ times. It is a pretty good winning pct.

Elliot was drafted #4 and will be getting paid well in the coming years. It isnt good to burn him out but only one game in five with 20+ carries (vs was) isnt the winning model I mentioned above.

Many OL players say its easier to run block then pass block. Kellen please consider winning the time of possession like the cowboys did in 2014.

    Rick Howard Reply

    Hello? Zeke was limited early against bad teams because he wasn’t practicing, then they get behind in 2 games and throw the ball. He even got crap for trying to run too much in NO, which one is it? Lol.

    NEMoretime Reply

    I’m pointing out the 20+ carry factor. I’m not disecting each game.

    The cowboys used to have a running back emmitt smith who ran the same two or three running plays who had a great winning pct when he had 20+ carries.

    Elliott has a bunch of fans that give excuses for him. 1) he had 8 men in the box 2) the defense knew the play 3) he held out so he isnt in shape to rush 20 times

    I’m not the cowboys fan that dishes out excuses. I saw the cowboys win in the 90s.

    Rick Howard Reply

    @NEMoretime based on how the season has gone with zeke not getting more touches is not whats wrong with this team. Yeah you watched them in the 90’s but the 90’s statistics has nothing to do with 2019.

    NEMoretime Reply

    What are you talking about 90s stats?

    October 6, 2019

    Colts 19 chiefs 13

    Mack 29 for 132 yards

    Colts team
    45 for 180 yards

    Colts def coord was cowboys passing game coordinator

    Ask him if running the ball is a stupid game plan

    Why do you a cowboys fan that has to make up excuses?

    Tell me what excuses the pats make.

Steven Pellegrino Reply

After the last game. everyone was talking about who’s on the hot seat. And what coaches have egg on their face etc. Dallas had a pour start to the game. With the turn overs and stuff. And although it took to the mid 3rd to 4th quarter. To start to make a strong comeback. You have to acknowledge the fact. That the Dallas players and coaches on both offence and defense. Made adjustments. During the game. To try and fight back. To get points on the board. Under linehan we may have played the game the same way. All 4 quarters. I thought maybe Dak could save us. Like he has before. With so many winning comebacks. But we ran out of time. And if the kicker had done a better job. We may have been better. But at least we can see. That the team and coaches the best of their ability. To fix the problems.

Dion Williams Reply

“Opinion of him coming out?”..

“Uhhhh, of him coming out”

Kellen’s pause while trying to make sure he understands the context was hilarious and brilliant.. I like him more and more everyday..

    Diallo Kreed Reply

    That was funny

Flat Matrix Reply

Run the damn ball more young fool!!

    The Brew that do Reply

    You can run the ball when you down 21 my friend…

Robby Radford Reply

Where the heck is Conner McGovern?
Edit: Still hurt? Getting better?

Diallo Kreed Reply

Kellen, Jason Garrett is training you well to handle the media.

Roy Zeus Reply

Hopefully he addresses the stealing offense signs. We need to get the big boys back at tackle to make moves…

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