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Keenan Allen Toe Taps in the Corner of the End Zone!

Philip Rivers finds Keenan Allen in the corner of the end zone for a 7-yard touchdown. The Houston Texans take on the Los Angeles Chargers during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Flat_Fruity Reply

First. Is it possible y’all sub to me I’m trying to grow thank u all so much

    Andrew Kyle Reply

    Flat_Fruity 🤦🏻‍♂️

Dhruv Reply

Bears down

Spaghetti_ice Reply

Wow how cool would it be if this was at the top.

Tony 2times Reply

Tip toeing in my jordans

    Chargers Bolts Reply

    Tony 2times tip toeing in my allens

    Compton 187 Reply

    Tony 2times jawwwdinnzzz

KCKyaDig Reply

Nice curls get the girls ayyeee

    Carlos Reply

    KCKyaDig kay

Tatiana Velasco Reply

Texans pissed!

    Antonio Becerril Reply

    I am

Shawn Christianson Reply

Chargers you better win or you will already be 2 games behind the Chiefs😂

    MRTUPAC 28 Reply


    Brian Rodriguez Reply


    A Mdz Reply

    Nope they lost

Youtube FBI Reply

Y’all now where Nantz and Romo are?

    Sports 311 Reply

    @Youtube FBI they’re calling the saints-seahawks game

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Charger fans when are you going to understand that Rivers is not a championship quarterback? Patrick Mahonne will win a Superbowl before Rivers will and that’s painfully obvious.

    Philip Edwards Reply

    Rivers is really good. Could win the big one.. COULD.. Greatness gets you to the next level.. he’s had protection

    Kirk Moore Reply

    Whose house? TEXAN’S HOUSE!

    Kirk Moore Reply

    Whose house? TEXAN’S HOUSE!

    Kirk Moore Reply

    MRTUPAC 28
    Different city, same throat…

    BOLT HEAD Reply

    @Chargers Bolts unfortunately thats how it is. look at Russell Wilson hes not that great but he is highly talked about because he has a ring. ⚡⚡ if tom brady and the patriots didn’t cheat! we would have at least two rings

Compton 187 Reply

Top 5

    Tay McCullough Reply

    Compton 187 Damn right brotha the disrespect and lack of recognition is sickening. He don’t rely on pure speed like a Tyrell Hill just straight routing cbs up straight work ethic

Minshew, The Gardner Reply

One of the best receivers in the NFL!

    Ashley Vickers Reply

    He’s not one of the best he is a top 10 wr

    James Billingsley Reply

    Ashley Vickers Top 10 is one of the best…

    BOLT HEAD Reply

    @James Billingsley tru

Fizzi Fedrizzi Reply

Highly underrated

Aaron Beaulieu Reply

Woah woah wait…hold on, did I hear cheers? And wait, the seats, they’re….full? Chargers have fans in Los Angeles now?

Christian Ramirez Reply


    Aaron Pena Reply

    Oh really lol well the weak team is beating the chargers

silentazn89 Reply

He did it the lt flip

Kirk Moore Reply

4th Quarter magic is locked and loaded ready to go! The LA Chokers are ready to lose!

    Kirk Moore Reply

    Whose house? TEXAN’S HOUSE!

    Obasi Okoronkwo Reply

    You called it

Mark Oliver Reply

Chargers are a farm team

Kirk Moore Reply

As the LA Chokers slowly sink into the sunset, the old San Diego slogan once again becomes relevant…
“There’s always next year!”
Copyright 1960 The city of San Diego…

Duffy112 Reply

Thanks for 40+ points Keenan

    Desmond Lee Reply

    Duffy112 like foreal tho


KA #13 ⚡⚡⚡

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