#KCvsDET: Matthew Stafford Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Seeyam Chowdhury Reply

12-3-1 let’s go

    Alan Grey Reply

    What are the other games do you forsee the Lions losing? Honestly, we may have just played the hardest teams during this first quarter of the season. It’s possible to win out for the rest of the season. It’s very unlikely, but it is possible.

    TheHumbleJ Reply

    @Alan Grey in Chicago will be tough, so will @Min, anybody with a really good defense on the road is gonna be tough but this is definitely a playoff team

    Gamer Boi Reply

    @TheHumbleJ min isn’t that good tbh

    Seth NoName Reply

    @Alan Grey packers or bears games good be tough, 2 weeks from now we’ll see how we play against packers

Robert Wontkowski Reply

That’s my quarterback

    Terry McBride Reply

    One playoff appearance in 10 years,I’ll be damned if I’d feel any pride

    Gamer Boi Reply

    @Terry McBride isn’t his fault

    Neil reid Reply

    @Terry McBride

    Damn Terry you speak the truth. Good game? Yes. But moral victories are good enough for most of Lions sheep. I call bullshit till I see otherwise. Stafford is & has been a beast & I love that guy

Neil reid Reply

Stafford is just a phenomenal QB. His throws can’t be made by a high majority of the league. It’s a real shame he has to continually settle for moral victories w/the Lions. Moral doesn’t = wins in any sport. 10pt lead at home, blown man to man coverage on 4th & 8 to seal it, not playing to the whistle on a 100yd fumble return, blah, blah. Enjoy the moral victories Lions fans, I sure as hell won’t.

    Shawn Valentine Reply

    blown man to man coverage was a qb that ran for 10. We could have done a better job at sacking him but this Lions team is good and will keep getting better every week. Excited to see where they go.

    Neil reid Reply

    @Shawn Valentine

    Right on Shawn. I look forward to seeing this team also. But they are not “a really good team” yet. I’m tired of fans being happy w/losing a 10pt lead at home. I’m sure as hell not.

Alan Grey Reply

Cats are notorious for playing with their prey before killing it. I think we’ve played around long enough. We’re hungry… and it’s time. It’s time to eat!!! #OnePride

    Raggs Filthy Reply

    im still expecting a big season lets go

Devon Peters Reply

I really hate the Lions didn’t get the win with such a good performance from Stafford…Hope they keep the focus and intensity going forward. They outplayed the Chiefs for 58 min…you give Stafford 30 more seconds and I think they win.

    Taprman Reply

    Devon Peters exactly we have mahomes too much time to score

    andre the giant Reply

    @Taprman the last drive we scored we couldve had better time management on that drive to try to give mahomes less time.. Run the ball more maybe but instead we got 2 big throws down field and were in the red zone within 45 second

Lemar Floyd Reply

Damn that boy can throw that police officer 😂💪 top ten QB idc what Yu can’t see , 💯

DoseOfDion 2.0 Reply


Jay So Wavy Reply

I don’t want the lions to trade Marvin but he would be better as a slot guy we need a bigger No. 2, Marvin trying to chip block a DE or a LB ain’t gone work.

RedFive Reply

We went through the toughest part of our schedule with one loss to a top 3 team and now we got a bye week to heal up, I’m feeling good about the lions

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