Karl Dorrell on Wilson and Grant returning – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Liquid Red

If Albert Wilson is 💯% Miami will score some points.


    Shutdown Corner

    Not if we trade him before Sunday.

    Kevin Stringer

    Mike Pelligrino Pick another team to be a fan!

    Kevin Stringer

    Mike Pelligrino FinsUp!!

    Chris Down

    Just wait until all of it gel together.💯

Karen Setzer

Awesome to have these guys back. Go Dolphins 🐬

    Leroy Bla

    Let’s go Miami Dolphins

    Chris Down

    I love this Team!! 😍


I never understood why ppl interview other ppl..he didn’t answer not one question..he talked allot for sure

Angel Alvarez

Phins up! My Dolphins Predictions Link below if you dare to hear the truth!

Terrance McCray

Dam i love our coaches!!..They just get it

    Chief Bubba

    Can’t wait

    Alan Gwin

    I agree, very impressed with how they handle these interviews. You can tell they’re well spoken, intelligent and don’t give away squat.

Joshua Warren

Basically it’s gonna be Grant, Hurns and Williams. Everyone knows that Mr glass 11 will be hurt off and on all year. I expect Albert to re-aggravate his hip week one and miss most of the season.


    wtf is wrong with u bro

Ken Vendettuoli

The Miami Dolphins are on the clock.

Dave Wetherell

Clear as muddy water coach…

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