Kareem Jackson, Royce Freeman named to Steve Atwater’s ‘A-List’ on Day 9| Training Camp Tonight – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Shanna Swenson Reply


RAVApvp Reply

I still like freeman more then lindsay

    G1r4ff35 4r34 c001 Reply

    Not saying he’s bad because he’s not but why do you like him more

    Jay Diggity Reply

    Yeah man not even close. Royce has the potential to be better all around, im talking recieveing, pass blocking, between the tackles or hitting the edge. All around, put together, Royce has that potential. But Linsday is a baller and right now he is certainly the better player

OrangeAzzClown Reply

Lovin’ what I’m seeing from these training camp videos!
Can’t wait for the season to start though
Playoff year this year boys!
🧡💙Go Broncos💙🧡

Ronald Samples Reply

Broncos country 4life 🏈🏈🏈🏈

Ronald Samples Reply

You gotta Love Lindsay

Mac TV Reply

I was so high on Freeman when we lol the Broncos drafted him. He is one of the best college football running backs ever. Look at his numbers and highlights. The names on that NCAA all time rushing list were all studs in the NFL at some time. Glad to see he looks trim and just as big. I hope Freeman beats out Lindsey and Gordon. I think he is a more dynamic athlete then the other 2. And running back #32 looks good also from the clips I seen. Not sure his name.

    Peyton Manning Reply

    So you would rather him start over an undrafted free agent who has back to back 1000 yard seasons and a 2x pro bowlers who we just spent $16m on? That doesn’t make much sense at all. Plus, just because you were high on him out of college, doesn’t mean he’s deserving as we have seen in years past. You aren’t a scout.

    DAN Tu Reply

    His name is Bellamy. Might spelled his name wrong

    Kevin Jones Reply

    @Peyton Manning Let’s not act like Gordon is good at all. He’s trash. Signing him was a big mistake. Let’s not make it worse by forcing him onto the field when there are better players available.

    Peyton Manning Reply

    Kevin Jones first of all, he had a down year due to holding out. He is clearly better than freeman and it honestly isn’t even close. He could very well go back to being him former self and be a top 15/20 back (although I don’t think he will). Also, why sign somebody to a decently big contract and not play them. That is stupid. Bellamy will most likely take that 3rd spot and freeman will be off the team or hopefully be a cheap 4th back option.

Michael Crabtree Reply

The A list is what fangio likes. Get it done guys for the A list. Go broncos!!!

Luis Alberto Rivera Morales Reply

Ed donnatel is a defensive coordinador no special teams

Capo Boss Reply

The fact that Steve Atwater is liking what he sees from Royce is good enough for me!

Leonel Pelayo Reply

I always believed in Royce Freeman, still do🙌💯

eskayel Reply

I’m a big fan of Royce, but gonna be hard to shine with a crowded back field! Lindsey and Gordon Gonna get most of the work load.

Anna - Let's Get Acquainted Reply

1:45 fine

Kevin Jones Reply

Great! Cut trash Gordon and make Freeman the number 2 behind Lindsay.

Rebel Dipstick Reply

Alexis has got some serious bed head going on here.

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