Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders Week 2 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Cole Pratt Reply

Chiefs 38-21

    Dmch Security Reply

    I’m a RAIDERS fan, but gotta admit this is a realistic prediction.

Prince Salaam Reply

I hate the chiefs.. But they always play us tough. no matter how bad some people may think their defense is they don’t make a lot of mistakes. I won’t predict the winner because this game will be decided by time of possession & turnovers. This game is must see TV.

AR-15 Vs Jon Gruden & Carr

Let’s get it 💯

    larry ballard Reply


    Jerry Junior Reply

    Prince Salaam Ya gon lose

    Chris Ballesteros Reply

    Is this a national televised game

    Stephen Battle Reply

    Yup.. I live in KC, and yeah we got that heated rivalry:) but I honestly think this will be a great game, y’all are wayyy better than broncos..

    Can’t wait for Sunday!

PapaGeorg10 Reply

The only way the Raiders can win is to run the ball and control the clock and keep Mahomes off the field. That’s gonna be tough to do though


    PapaGeorg10 naw they have to score more points

    TYLER oh, hi Reply

    Agreed. Time of possession will be the key to victory. The offensive line looked great against Denver and I believe their defense is better than kansas city, hopefully the offensive line will tire out the defense with long possesions and Jacobs will be able to handle a whole lot of runs.


Closer game than a lot of people will think

quan Brooklyn kid Reply

If the Oakland Raiders can pull this off… thn y’all better watch out,

    James W Johnson Reply


Ray Thomas Reply

JJ gets his first 100 yard game rushin hi haters😜

    Ray Thomas Reply

    @Anthony Legero fournette ain’t have a 100 + yards from scrimmage as a rookie like JJ since LT n 2001 plus Foley got hurt after he killed them on that pass play 😝😝

    Joe Mama Reply

    You might be right but it will come in a loss🤷‍♂️

    Ray Thomas Reply

    @Joe Mama yall chief fans😆the only reason Jacksonville lost is because Foley got hurt the second stream still was killin y’all here an there😁😁

Championjet Reply

Raiders W 25-14

    kasdfwe Reply

    @SSA INVINCIBLEx 20??? KC made a 6th round QB look dominant and the Jags offense is mediocre with Foles. KC’s defense is only good at the pass rush, but the Raiders have one of the best O-Lines in the entire league. This is going to be a shootout lol Mahomes better throw 50 TDs again this year or they aren’t making the playoffs.


    @kasdfwe You sound dumb as hell boy 😂😂😂

    Mark krueger Reply

    And then you woke up

Tyler Bogda Reply

this is gonna be such a good game, lets go RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IJeffChiefsKingdom Reply

    Tyler Bogda this will be another blow out
    Car is 1-5
    Mahomes own them soon to be 3-0

    Tyler Bogda Reply

    @IJeffChiefsKingdom uh huh ok mr expert

    RN 87 Reply

    @IJeffChiefsKingdom Wrong. Carr is 2-6 against the Chiefs, should be 3-5 but got jewed once. Chiefs are hard to beat, we’ll see what happens.

    IJeffChiefsKingdom Reply

    RN 87 chiefs are to much for
    the raiders

    The chiefs start off hot early in season

    Andy Reid is 24-3 vs afc west

    The chiefs own the afc west

Tyler Bogda Reply

Let’s go Oakland, win this game and we have a serious shot at the division!

    Dana Comstock Reply

    dude…you made me spit orange juice on my wife…lol

    Tyler Bogda Reply

    @Dana Comstock i hope it had a lot of pulp

Jesus De Loera Reply

CARR has 18,998 yards 123 TD’S 53 INT’S going into his 5th season those are HOFer #’s only Peyton manning and Dan Marino have those numbers in that time now you give him the WEAPONS he has now and that O-LINE and that DEFENSE will be in the TOP 10👀💥THAT’S MY QB!!☄

    Shawn Dhaliwal Reply

    Jesus De Loera stfu u dumb Hispanic swine

    PLEB SkyrimNoopy Reply

    @Shawn Dhaliwal You smell like erectile dysfunction.

BWillGoat Reply

Oakland pulls off the upset.

    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    Thats what the jags said last week🤣


    When pigs fly

    Ghost Big Q Reply

    Oakland gets an upset

Double E Reply

Raider with the W 35 -28 🔥💀⚫️⚪️✌🏼

    Double E Reply

    Keaden Wheeler I know it’s the NFL 💀⚫️⚪️✌🏼

    James W Johnson Reply

    Yall so crazzzy! It’s the Raiders! Just Win Baby!

    Joe Mama Reply

    You put the skull in there because you know what’s coming out your mouth is bs I’m guessing???

    Raunak Maheshwari Reply


JakeIsForReal Reply

“without anyone in his face” lmao did they watch the game, mahomes was getting hit every single play

The Bat Le Reply

Chiefs 34
Raiders 19

Devil Shoez Reply

Raiders Chiefs(then Dallas Texans) played each other the first time ever on September 16, 1960 in Oakland, a Chiefs win.

Fast forward the rivalry 59 years to this Sunday, September 15 2019 the Chiefs return to Oakland for one last time in a battle for the Coliseum. My god what a game we will witness Raider Nation. Just Win Baby!

Fabuloso Travez Reply

The raiders are going beat the chiefs the raiders have a great online chubb and bon didnt even touch derek carr what makes you think the chiefs will 😉 you give carr all day to throw you will see how he will torch the chiefs defense on 30 plus points I believe my team can stop mahomes
In some drives it all comes down to witch defense play better.

Kenny Eddens Reply

Raiders Pulling off the UpSet! ☠️💪🏼

Shaun Huggins Reply

Raiders got Defense and Offense Chiefs got offense stop kelce and watkins raiders we have alot of big targets they have nobody to stop are tight ends or recievers or running back with are oline and defense shid mahomie about to get a reality check you not arron rodgers fam

Stan ezen Reply

Raiders played great defense but idk bout this.


James W Johnson Reply

This is going to be a tight game. A lot of back and forth I love the raiders, but this game is going to be won by the luck of the day. PS. The “Chiefs” need to get rid of that racist-based name!

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