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Joe Blow

With all the new offensive weapons, chiefs d could play worse than last year, and KC still wins.

    Jordan See

    @Darin Hendrix Just wait bro. Hardman is a beast. You’re going to be stunned by how good he is.

    Jordan See

    @vrum255 put on a show in denver. Got the W too. How can you get a W and not play? /s

    Darin Hendrix

    @Jordan See I hope you are right my friend.

    Jessie Kelley

    @AverageGuy2k DUUUUUUVVVVVALLLLLLLLLL you know it with Foles and our d we going all the way


    A Jags fan would know all about slumps.



Goldy Bobi

This game gonna be close

Chiefs 45
Jags 21


    45 😂😂😂

    A Moose

    @Drew Goddamn Brees lmfao what?

    Nickaan Daghighi

    Goldy Bobi I’m a jags fan and I can’t stop laughing

    Oliver Ward

    Goldy Bobi no way Jags give up 45 points lol

    Jessie Kelley

    @Oliver Ward agreed

Eric Foussat

Mjd pics the jags, 🤔🤥

American Sports Fan

If the chiefs defense is mediocre this year they have the potential to go 16-0 with that nearly unstoppable offense. Keyword: potential

    Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is the G.O.A.T.

    Jalen Ramsey no….it doesn’t

    Jalen Ramsey

    Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is the G.O.A.T.- It is mostly used in a bad way but it can also mean medium or decent

    Lord Twinkie

    Same defense that screwed them over in the AFC Championship game?


    Yeah, but this isn’t the same defense. New coordinator, an improved secondary, and replacing Dee Ford with Frank Clark. We’re way better now. Not great, but much better. That’ll be enough.

    J Gray

    Chiefs were four 3rd down stops away from 16-0 last year with 31st defense. Even a small improvement is going to go along way.

J Stiles

I’m sorry Nick foles but KC win big 38-28

    Keaden Wheeler

    @Swagsonville my guy they put up 30 points on them


    Keaden Wheeler Yeah and why was that? Bortles. 4 interceptions, 1 fumble.

    1 pick six, 3 Ints within scoring range, and a fumble that likely didn’t matter because of how poorly everything went.

    Mahomes passer rating was only 57% that game. He threw 2 ints and 0 Tds.

    I wonder how well y’all gonna play without your best player Blake Bortles to give you that ball?

    Jordan See

    @Swagsonville scapegoating interceptions that led to FGs good one


    Jordan See I don’t think 4 ints and a fumble is scapegoating. I think it ruined what should have been a great game against 2 great teams.


    LOL no

Meteor Smash

KC 30
JAX 25

Tucker the YouTuber

The KC defense should be up to the task in this game. Nick Foles doesn’t have a good surrounding offense now. But this defense may be one of the few to hold KC under 35 points. 31-17 Chiefs.

    Jordan See

    Listen if we actually play all four quarters we break 40 easy. But you know how time management works in the NFL. Unlikely KC will be trying to score for 4 quarters straight. KC has the ability to embarrass them on their own field. But the odds are if KC gets a 20 point lead they’ll simply stop playing.

    Jessie Kelley

    @Jordan See Jags totally win we go 11-5 chiefs go 13-3

    Jordan See

    @Jessie Kelley You dont have a chance of beating the Cheifs on Sunday.

    You dont have a defense that can hold KC under 30.

Geovanni Cruz

Can’t wait to see Josh Allen!

James Mull- Adkins/ Gamertag - LEgNDofMrRaGER

Let’s go Chiefs!


Tricky one But I got KC


Doc Brown

Jags 13 Chiefs 27

Chase Williams

Ya know. These comments really ain’t gonna age well when the Jags win


    “Bold move Cotton, we’ll see how that works out.”


    We will just have to wait till and see…


    laughed out loud. I dont think you understand how much better the Chiefs got. Mahomes will win superbowls the question is how many

    Jessie Kelley

    You know it my man Jags go 11-5

Nengeh Tardzer

Jaguars have a chance to pull off an upset

Dentrall Shaw

Jaguars by a fg. Upset of the week

Crypto Bunny

Four Etta was not healthy in 2018. This year could be different


yeah no offense jags but youre about to get fukcing rocked

Leo Dancor

The Jags will win this game

If Mahomes doesn’t play

パンク / punk

Jags fan and always will be but I just cant see the Jags taking the W…. but its sure gonna be a great game. heres to the new season.

Random ShitKing

I’m all about the Chiefs. But the Jags are going to come out the gate strong af.

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