Kansas City Chiefs vs. Detroit Lions Week 4 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Hayden Legatzke Reply

Alex Smith and the Chiefs got him fired from New England

    shane taylor Reply

    bucky is 0and 3 picking chief games 😂

    Double D Reply


    JTSAM Reply

    He didn’t get fired tho

    shane taylor Reply

    @Double D last time chiefs played the pats with matt. Andy mind fooked them and smashed the pats.

    Casey Wolff Reply

    Haha cheifs beatings Pat’s when and where?

Andy Jansma Reply

Positive coverage of the Lions?!

    shane taylor Reply

    @Hatters House 710 chiefs will win put money on.

    shane taylor Reply

    @Josh Joshson 😂😂

    Hatters House 710 Reply

    @shane taylor I already did. Lions and the moneyline is the bet to make

    ots flow Reply

    Andy Jansma I bout fell out the chair

    Brandon Epperson Reply


Stephen Battle Reply

Game of the week

Isaiah W Reply

they both said the ravens would win last week lol

    Eugene Rollins Reply

    The Lions not winning this week that’s for sure

Fingering Things Reply

I will eat a shoe if the lions beat the chiefs

    Michael Lepird Reply

    Lions at home on a short week in Mahomes first Dome… I’d say Detroit has a huge advantage… But it’s always possible to winlose games that one or the other shouldn’t

    Ahmad Battles Reply

    Kick you feet up bro and enjoy steak instead because the Chiefs got this….

    Evan Stowers Reply

    Lions will need to play a great game and have things work out in their favor. Those two things don’t happen together for the Lions very often.

    Powers3rg Reply

    Man I love the chiefs but I’d be okay with them losing as long as you really do eat a shoe

    Ali Powe Reply

    Got 3 old pair of af1’s. Go get your steak sauce or ketchup ready and I’ll gather my info in this reply box after the game. I promise. I will need video of you having Nike supper. Im serious.

Brenden Verlinden Reply

It’s either going to be a blowout or a really close game. I think the Lions are going to have to score over 30 if they want to beat the chiefs.

I pick Lions 41 – 34

    Donovan Childress Reply

    Bruh u smoking

    Z Carl Reply

    Lol lions score 41???? Lmfao

    alan bolton Reply

    As a chiefs fan you know there are no guarantees in this league. I think the Lions are playing good ball and will be very competitive. At this point I think us Chiefs fan should be saying the Chiefs will win the game and all Lions fans should be declaring their team will win the game …we’ll find out Sunday who is correct. Hopefully it is a good game and neither team suffers any injuries.

    Brenden Verlinden Reply

    @alan bolton Same, I just want this game to be fun to watch. Good luck!

    Brenden Verlinden Reply

    @shane taylor Exactly why I predict the Lions have to score over 35+ to beat the Chiefs.

Jayhawk Hoopers Reply

Lol dude say we gonna lose every week.

    MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6 Reply

    Every week? he picked Kansas City to beat the Raiders and Jacksonville, that’s not every week.

    Andrew Blaisdell Reply

    Easy win for the Lions. Chiefs will lose for sure.

    Randy K Reply

    @Andrew Blaisdell lol

    Vicki Haddock Reply

    @Andrew Blaisdell ….Were you on the Ravens boards or the Raiders or the Jaguars…Cuz it seems their fans all said that too. Your team won’t stop the Chiefs from putting up a minimum of 30 points because they can’t stop them from doing it. Sit back and watch what a real offense looks like.


I like the lions but I think the chiefs r gonna win, especially with a lions banged up defense. 31-24 KC, be proud if the lions prove me wrong


    @foursup313 slay being hurt

    solo mo Reply

    STAYTRUETOBLUE he gone play this week


    @solo mo well than he prob not gonna be at a 100 percent and also daniels hurt

    Akeem Mcnab Reply

    Is hands playing

    shane taylor Reply

    @solo mo slay stafford… It dont matter 😂😂. Chiefs have beat way better players then slay.

Pazziify Reply

He actually picked us THE LIONS ? Bucky i love you man😂

    shane taylor Reply

    @Danthony Goodwin good defense. Offsides and a coin toss. 🤷‍♂️

    PolishMuzyka Reply

    @Eugene Rollins I will be here sunday at 4pm telling you how poorly your comment has matured.

    J Skop Reply

    @Colin Formichella good one. Way to dig deep.

    Ahmed Elkadri Reply

    Eugene Rollins didn’t y’all say before the season the lions would start off 1-3? We proved y’all wrong and we’ll do it again

Vincent Vaughan Reply

I like the KC Chiefs because I like the young QB patrick mahomes He is as good as tom brady.

    DJ JDB Reply

    @CHIEFS BEST TEAM EVER: As The Great Belichick said years ago: “Stats Are For Losers, Final Score is For Winners”. Nothing can be more true.


    @DJ JDB just because mahomes didnt win the superbowl doesnt mean hes a loser, he became the MVP his first season starting and absolutely blew up in the NFL world. Hes more popular than everyone on the Patriots bench excluding Brady.

    David Johnston Reply

    Im a pats fan and i can agree. Mahomes is better now. I think Mahomes will be a top 3 qb of all time with Brady and Breeze in my opinion. Mahomes is fun to watch. Cant wait until him and the chiefs play us again. I think chiefs take this game by atleast 10. Lions just cant keep up with this heavy offense.

    Tw1 Reply

    People already forgetting Tom Brady and he ain’t even retired yet lool.

Mario Rodriguez Reply

If the lions win (and thats a pretty big if) people will have to stop sleeping on the lions.
But what’s probably going to happen is Stafford will be behind by 14 points and will sling the ball around and cause 2 turnovers in the 4th quarter. But I hope for the best.
Let’s go Lions! #Onepride

    ceo los Reply

    Easy win before the bye week

    Billstaff12 Reply

    Lol, y’all tied with the Cardinals. Y’all aren’t beating the chiefs

J W Reply

Oh Bucky wrong most Sundays, keep picking against the Chiefs and we will keep handing you that L.

    shane taylor Reply

    bucky is dumb and he tries to sound soo smart.


    Lions gonna give the CHEIFS the L , You can’t beat us in ford field. Sorry , Big play slay and kerryon gonna be a problem for you guys 🦁 #OnePride

    Vicki Haddock Reply

    @THE NICKSTER GAMING ….whatever helps you sleep at night bro. Chiefs have scored no less than 26 points since PM took over. Lions have won 2 of their 1st 3 games and fans talking big smack! Funny stuff. We played the Ravens 2nd ranked defense and hung over 500 yards and 33 points on them. I’m sure we can handle the Lions.

313moneyteam P Reply

What someone giving the lions some love. Oh no that’s bad luck

Chris Piper Reply

Mahomes is about to play in a dome, repeat, a dome, no elements to deal with….

Get ready

    Michael Lepird Reply

    This Dome game, is actually Mahomes first, and those 65,000 fans literallyhave one of the loudest stadium in the NFL, which has been recorded to get as loud as Seattles… Not to mention KC has a short week road game… Detroit has a huge advantage

    Chris Piper Reply

    @Michael Lepird Loud stadium because it’s indoors.

    And our stadium is the loudest, ours and Seattle’s

    It’s a road game, all road games are tough, we’ll see how the offense handles the crowd noise.

    But it didn’t effect the offense in Seattle on the road, and it didn’t effect our offense in Foxboro either.

    EZR Reply

    @Chris Piper you say that until Mahomes tears an acl or something. Not wishing it on him but the madden curse is the most powerful hex in human history

    Tw1 Reply

    Mahomes = trash in a dome. All his passes will be deflected by the roof

Larry Mac Reply

thanks Bucky, Chiefs need some bulletin board material to get up for this trap game.

IceMan Dawson Reply

Brooks is going against the Chiefs again!??? He needs to put some baby powder in his hand and slap himself with it!!!

Joshua James Reply

I don’t even think we’re allowed to win a game like this in the NFL.

Harry xo Reply

If slay doesn’t play then the lions have no chance but he if does play it’s still likely the Chiefs are at least scoring 25+ points so Stafford must bring his A game if the lions want to have a chance in this one.

Misty Reply

So the Lions who haven’t scored over 30 points all year are going to out score the Chiefs who put up 28 points in 1 Quarter? I guess you can say I’m from Missouri so I have to see it to believe it!

    Joseph Robinson-Byrd Reply

    On The Town!

No Love Reply

Detroit always win the games there not suppose to win lions get the W close one by 3 points watch

    Eugene Rollins Reply

    Well this a game Detroit will lose convincingly

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