Justin Tucker: We’re Kind of Confident in Mark Ingram’s Holding Skills | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Justin Tucker: We’re Kind of Confident in Mark Ingram’s Holding Skills | Baltimore Ravens

Kicker Justin Tucker and long snapper Morgan Cox talk about the cold Orlando weather and being there with so many teammates.

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Trevian Harrell

Very Large TRUSS


    Hahaha the largest! jtuck.

    Trevian Harrell

    jdubb45 ✊👊✊👊

Connor Burke

Robbed of having all 3 members of the Wolfpack there


    That’s what happens when we don’t really
    Have to punt lol


It should be the NFL Pro Bowl Presented by the Baltimore Ravens

Cap One

Tucker seems like a great guy. And he showed up in the playoffs too.

    Nate The Great

    Cap One He did! Harbaugh decided not to kick FG’s which is stupid

    Cap One

    @Nate The Great I know how you feel. But, that’s in hindsight. Wish better adjustments could’ve been made 2nd half.
    However, being aggressive, especially on 4th & 1 where they were 8/8, was their identity. I don’t have a problem with the coach being consistent, aggressive & trusting the players. Titans were the sharper team that day on both sides of the ball.


    @Cap One It’s still a big coaching gaff not using Edwards whose almost the same size as Henry and had the hot hand against Steelers in week 17 who had the #1 run D. Giving him 3 carries during the whole game and throwing it 59 times is a big WTF!!

    Nate The Great

    Cap One I understand they were 8/8 but this was a divisional round game…. Going for 4th & 1 when the game is young is the worst idea ever when you have Justin Tucker as your kicker… Could’ve been 9-14 which can start their momentum again…. I also don’t wanna talk about those two point conversions they went for… Better adjustments could’ve been made but the Titans were simply more prepared than the Ravens by far

    Nate The Great

    Cap One Oh well🤧 It happens

Emanuel Perez

I love Justin Tucker

T.M. B

Justin has a gold foot, and knows he is so Blessed!!!!!

King Oscar

Yes Miami was cold asf!!! My hands were freezing

Nya Nation


Emily K.

Thank you for telling us about iguanas, Prof. Tucker 😀

wheels 899

petition to make morgan cox (or any other reputable long snapper but preferably morgan) the first LS in the HOF

Dark Sharxx


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