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Justin Simmons INT Sets Up Lindsay TD!

Justin Simmon's pick 6 sets up Phillip Lindsay for a TD! The Tennessee Titans take on the Denver Broncos during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Jasean Hines Reply


Edward Bautista Reply


Josue Tejada Reply

Mariota not helping the Titans offense out at all

    Escocivo 30 Reply

    He should of taken the sack

    ray ray Reply

    Or denvers defense good

Gavin Beard Reply

Thank god Mariota got begged

    henrythehankengine Reply

    Lol begged

James Sprungle Reply

Ravens vs. Seahawks will be a hell of a game next week.

    Young Drako Reply

    No the hawks will blow em out

    bruce lau Reply

    James Sprungle it will be a helluva game but I got the Hawks winning that one in century link

soso girl Reply

U mom gay. Like to undo

clout chromosome Reply

1 view 9 likes

5ive8ight Reply

If this is blue you love NFL❤️
👇( I’m gifting my next 10 loyal subscribers🤩)

    Josh Kennedy Reply

    5ive8ight stop, don’t do this on this channel, and no we are not the biggest fans of it.

    ThanosButthole Reply

    Josh Kennedy bro they act like bots they litteraly just said the channel name not THE and



Texan Football Houston Reply

Nice play maker all day

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

These 2 teams I thought coming into this season would be better than what their current records are.

    Ryan I. Reply

    That’s what people say about you

    Andrew L PickfordIII Reply


    ray ray Reply

    Denver is good look who have they faced and they barely losed 3 of those games by a easy score

James Sprungle Reply

Mariota is some hot trash.

    Myst1c L3g3nd Reply

    James Sprungle long passes don’t work on our defense that’s why Mariota makes terrible descisions

jumpyhippo43 Reply

they really benched mariota

Legendary King Reply

holy cow titans offense is trash

Hello There Reply

Marcus Mariota is a back up QB at best. He’s terrible!

    Myst1c L3g3nd Reply

    @Hello There or our defense just dominates

    Sam Bradfield Reply

    yeah our defense had 3 interceptions and 7 sacks

Ryan I. Reply

Broncos going to Super Bowl

    Berd And Charleston Reply

    Lol ok

MustNotSleep MustWarnOthers Reply

Good for Denver, although that’s good sports videos are more enjoyable when Denver is losing lol.

    Jose Juarez Reply

    I enjoyed the Phillip Rivers poem tho, that was very entertaining lol

    Adrian Alvarado Reply

    Glad we all watch thatsgoodsports 😁

SportsHighlightCollection Reply

If the Titans has an offense they’d be a Super Bowl contender.

    Myst1c L3g3nd Reply

    SportsHighlightCollection it’s just our defense

    SportsHighlightCollection Reply

    Myst1c L3g3nd the 5 other games the Titans have played would like a word with you.

    Evil Duck Reply

    U said it brother

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