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Looking forward to Monday Night Solider Fields, Hopefully the Mini Bye Week Did some Good πŸ§‘πŸ’™πŸˆπŸ»β¬‡οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

    Jay Clark

    Lets Go!

    Bill Belichick


    Jim George

    The game is in new England.

Fs anchez

Right , for the whole team πŸ™

joe horton

This kid has it. He’s gonna be a star!!

    Bill Belichick


    Big block 472

    @Bill Shun Or behind center!

    George Martinez

    That missed throw to the te for a td was really bad. And he can’t throw over the middle consistently. Idk I’m beginning to think he might not be that guy!

    johnny six

    He is not that guy


πŸ‘‘ got it. We as a fanbase need to be patient. If it doesn’t turn out well for Fields here as QB1, we just gotta move on but so many are already out on the team and Fields after 6 GAMES like what??!

Chrishun Dalton

The kid gotta go through a whole lot of bull crap now watch him next year πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ🏾

    John Smith

    “when Nagy is gone”, “with the new OC”, “next year”………………………Justin Fumbles is a bust.

    Shane Giofu

    @John Smith Guys like you would have said Elway, Peyton, Eli, Aikman and Bradshaw were busts too. One guy can’t get it done on his own. Pass judgement when he has an O-line that can pass block and more than one receiver who can consistently catch contested balls.

Jay Clark

In my Terrell Owen voice “That’s my Quarterback!”πŸ˜πŸ’―

    William Sparks

    The way Terrell Owen said it about Tony Romo is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in sports!


Man Luke if you don’t run this man in RPO with those 3 running backs that you have DM KH and the rookie plus Justin in the running game that’s your offense RPO make them stop it Bear 🐻 Down think positive guys you still have a chance!

    Dr. Chopper

    Need to take notes from the falcon rn. Some old mixed with the new

Charles Presley

Justin feilds will figure it out because hard work supposed to pay off needs a offensive line then he will cook

TATN This Ain't That Network

Fields MVP in 2024

miguel cruz

The whole team will have a great great game this Sunday. Justin seems to be doing well

    Bill Shun

    They all play pocket pool this coming Sunday 🐻


Just feels like with him, winning the super bowl will be easy.

    Lindsy Koch




Robert Hall

His whole demeanor reads thats kobe and Mj spirit on wanting to win. His future is bright keep ur head up lil homie. 🐻 ☟

SUN Taurus9

Respect to you Fields…..

Brenda Mckeithan

It took Josh Allen 25 starts before he got it together, we have to give him some time, it’s frustrating sometimes but that’s who we drafted when they drafted him I was so happy we all were we all were very happy so we were going to have to stick with him at least with another 2 years they just need to get him a number one receiver and help him on the line and then he has to throw the ball quicker.

    Stamp Collector 04

    yup 100 percent true .

Brenda Mckeithan

San Francisco just traded for Christian McCarthy so DJ Moore should be traded to

William Sparks

I hope I’m right, but besides the physical attributes, Justin seems to have the intangibles to be a great QB.

    duke rufus

    Lmao and what have those been. The non existence of average qb play the whole game, the way he holds the ball all day but the line takes the blame oh wait the fact he can’t read a defense and struggles an entire game except for a drive or so a game if we’re lucky. Yeah he’s got the intangibles alright. It must be cause he says um a lot trying to answer questions why he’s playing like trash.

    William Sparks

    @duke rufus What I said was, “I HOPE I’m right”. “It SEEMS Justin”. I know one thing Justin pays better attention to detail than you do.

    duke rufus

    You said it seems he does. I’m trying to figure those intangibles you seem to hold hope out for. Cause I ain’t seeing em. Other than he knows hes been playing like trash.


Stay strong Justin Fields. Hopefully the team will be better next year.


I don’t understand how anyone can doubt this man, just wait til he finally blooms, this rebuild will be worth the wait

    johnny six

    What we seen on the On the field that’s how he has the worst quarterback percentage is the last two years he is not that guy

Star Destroyer

We all love you Fields just keep working β€β€πŸ©Ή

Ube Rosas

I know he’s the future, he is going to be the heart of this team, just give him time… I’ve waited 32 years, what’s 1 more?

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