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Jayboy 1k

Wassgood Julio

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk

Lead us to victory Julio!!

    Solomon hertz

    Hey love your videos too

    Jazzy Jeff Real Talk

    Solomon hertz Thanks bro!

    Good Looking Honkey

    He can’t. He’s gotta qb that is a fraud


Greatest falcon ever!!

    Hardwurk 20


    Hardwurk 20

    Dont forget to add roddy white


    Y’all TWEAKING if you consider Deion Sanders or Mike Vick greater Falcons than Julio Jones.

    Davy Brazell

    @WatchEmFly right #11 is the best forsure

    Hardwurk 20

    @WatchEmFly julio is that dude though#facts

Ernest Brown2

Jones was wide open matt please look for everybody! If we lose to the titans idk where our season will go rise up!


    Ernest Brown2 that’s every year this year go down alot will bruh

    Stevie Janowski

    @T Gibberish

    Ernest Brown2

    @Stevie Janowski that’s one we’re talking about our team& if a race issues comes up just don’t pay it any mind! I’m black myself& have whites in my family& that race issue doesn’t come up in our family! And all blacks& whites aren’t the same, You both gotta do better on the race issues.

    Ernest Brown2

    @Stevie Janowski i have to say i like both of them! We lost vick & didn’t have a qb at all& ryan came in we got back to being a contender, he’s making little mistakes& will get back to his 2016 mvp we have him& will be fine if he gets hurt that’s when we have to worry.

Falcons Nation

Rise Up!


Who remembers back when Roddy White led the falcons to a 14-2 season back in 2012. Those were the days.

    blake wagner

    roddy led what?

    Davy Brazell

    Roddy was a beast frfr

    Mr. Wilson

    Yeah, Roddy was a beast too. Nobody knew who he was coming out of college, he worked hard. He mentored Julio, now Julio is breaking all of his records. We’ve had one of the best teams in the league since 2010 win no results to show. We need better coaching. We should have 3 rings. This window of opportunity WILL close.


    Mr. Wilson literally bruh we shoulda been the patriots of the south man we slipped hella times

    Chasin Paper

    Mr. Wilson never thought about that we really posed to b 3x champs at least 2x 🤯

Gerald Reed

No team General, pound for pound we have more talent on this one ball club than anyone team in the NFL but we don’t have a Team General to lead us to a win. HINT HINT last name Ryan . Damn-it find a way Matt come on man.

    Clif Turner

    Absolutely Right

    Pepper 526

    Yeah ikr ryan should really limit those 16 penalties

    Elijah Ford

    Gerald Reed Matt is trash 🗑
    But ima ride with my team tho

    Shawn Bishop

    @Elijah Ford Let me guess it will take a Super Bowl for you guys.

    This team is about to explode like it did in 2016.

    Elijah Ford

    Shawn Bishop no I’m just saying Matt Ryan is not who ppl think he is

Dexter Jackson

Stop fronting julio!! Everybody needs to get better ! Yall say y’all praticing hard but we don’t see on the field with the poor tackling u gotta grab and hold just don’t hit and think thats gonna be enough to bring a guy down

    Michael Thomas

    This had nothing do with what he said. He’s talking about the offense. He plays offense, not defense. When Matt has thrown an INT, Julio has the made the tackle.

    Dexter Jackson

    @Michael Thomas i know that dude!! Julio ain’t the problem! I was speaking on offense and defense everyone has to do there job!!

Jay K.

When he says WE, he means coaches and his supporting cast. Julio talking about himself in 3rd person. Gotta love it!

    Caden Johnson

    We is still first person?…

Kenneth Bowman

Rise Up!!

Damon Johnson

All i know if our 100 million dollar QB throw another int in the redzone im choke him

    KEN LO

    Damon I’ll help you do it.

    Pepper 526


    Pepper 526

    If i were a aints fan id say theres no need to do that he’s got that covered already 🤣 but it’s not true so

    Randall Foster

    @Pepper 526 die hard falcon fan but I do believe that’s rodgers just had his 1st mean while Ryan is already at his 6th. After throwing only 7 last year.

    Elijah Ford

    Pepper 526 we not 3-1
    And Rodger is has a ring
    And we don’t 🤷🏿‍♂️

Derrick Lawson

We gon be alright #inbroutherhood

    Good Looking Honkey

    Sure sherlock

    John Smith

    Yeah, nice slogan

LA Ryan

Julio said they keep playing with Cal (Ridley) but he ain’t one to play with. They gonna learn. #RISEUP

Mark Chavez

What would Matt look like without Julio?


    2008: 11-5 & rookie of the year
    2009: 9-7

    blake wagner

    with great protection, he numbers would look good. Yall judge players for 3 games

    blake wagner

    whats julio without roddy or matt


    blake wagner Still a stud lol

CM thaGod

ooo I like that Outro

Pat Lewis

Throw the damn ball to Julio please Matt Ryan we really need the next game

John Smith

They need to stack the box to stop Titans running game. If the D-line can’t sack marriota,, it’s official they suck!

ZukoDaPrince Channel

Leads Up To Victory!

lamont lovett

Any of our WR are good for at least two touchdowns a game pick one.


Riddle me this. If we have Julio, Ridley, Sanu, Hooper, D-Free, Ito, and Hill, why the hell is Luke Stocker seeing the field? Its 2019 for god’s sake. 10/11 personnel is what we should be in 90% of the time.

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