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Julio Jones: Unmatched

Dan Quinn, Matt Ryan and Calvin Ridley talk about star wideout Julio Jones, the difference he makes on and off the field and how there's no one like him in today's game.

#InBrotherhood #AtlantaFalcons #RiseUp #NFL

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Impulsive Reply

Julio on the post u can’t stop him 🙌

    Kng_Drizzle Reply

    Impulsive keep the likes at 11 to show respect ✊🏾

TheNayborz Reply


    nckhrt Reply

    TheNayborz u already know, I can’t believe people say ab is better there ain’t no way ab a short bum who need help julio a freak and a beast who don’t complain cause he doesn’t want to play for a team

    unknown comic Reply

    Julio should do Butterfinger commercials! Ha! Ha! Ha! 😆

Noh'Vis Reply

One of the best to ever do it.

808bboarder Reply

My favorite Falcon of all time. RISEUP

    Kng_Drizzle Reply

    808bboarder I would like this but the like is 11 and we gotta show respect

ZukoDaPrince Channel Reply

Who is the best WR in the world? #11 JULIO JONES 🏈🏈🔴⚪️⚫️🏆🦅🏟 THAT LOMBARDI TROPHY COMING HOME TO ATLANTA !

julius jones Reply

This is the fastest play in the history of the NFL

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire Reply

the great Julio Jones is no doubt the best WR in pro football today

lamont lovett Reply

Well alright 👍!!!!!!! Super bowl champs

Safari Lester Reply

Julio Jones: “where Teddy at”?

    Thanos Reply

    He said that at the Pro Bowl😂😂😂

TheBoredGuyFromTheUK Reply

I’m a simple man. I see Julio Jones. I click. I like. I go on Madden and re create his plays😆😆

Football Films Reply

Seahawks fans are #12, but us falcons fans are #11. RISE UP

Justin Blalock Reply

Miami here we come💍💍 #inbrotherhood🔴⚫️ #dirtybirdzzzz

    Lyndell Chambers Reply

    Justin Blalock we on the fucking way

    unknown comic Reply

    Not after wat I seen today! Wat a joke!

Being Honest Reply

We should of gave him a 7 contract to kick him up for life idc if he 40 jet Jones needs to be a falcon for life!

Kamorris Johnson Reply

watching julio and ridley is like watching roddy and julio

    syminite1 Reply

    Miss Roddy, number 84…..😞

Nick bagnulo Reply

Get him a super bowl ring

Magnollia Reply

How does one send this video to Antonio Brown!!!

Trimel Thinks Reply

My dog got what he deserved. Shout out to Arthur Blank, Dan Quinn, Thomas Dimtroff, and the entire front office. Class act organization! Proud to be a fan💯💯💯💯💯💯

Louis Fambro Reply

I’m soooooo glad he’s on MY TEAM! #RISEUP

Toni Ruawai Reply

3 more Saints fans don’t like this vid lol.

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