Julio Jones, Kendall Sheffield ball out as competition heats up | AT&T Training Camp highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Stan ezen Reply

Falcons rise up! Love the music!!!

Stan ezen Reply

Can’t wait for September 13!!!!!

Justin stovall jr. Reply

Good music choice 🔥

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply

I like Sheffield, great tackler, nice to see him battle with Ridley, but he couldn’t hang with Julio. That’s a different breed 🔥💪🏽👏🏽 #IronSharpensIron

    Floyd Donnelly Reply

    @Jazzy Jeff Real Talk listen dontgetittwisted likethetea

    Floyd Donnelly Reply

    @Jazzy Jeff Real Talk listendontgettwisted I was talking about Sheffield payattentionyoungman

    Floyd Donnelly Reply

    @Soldier ididntsayit thisisfloydreplyingnow

    Floyd Donnelly Reply


    Floyd Donnelly Reply

    I catch theasshole whoissending bullshit we rgoing2dosydo

Thiago Ishaq Reply

Man I’m so PUMPED for this season. This is our year #riseup

Yusuke Knight Reply

Great work can’t wait for this season Go Falcons

runway kapp Reply

This our season Rise Up Falcons nation

Bobby Williams Reply

Let’s get it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

luh Quent Reply

Julio made somebody fall at the end😂😂😂 i think that was Oliver

    Khayree Reply

    I think the number said 28. But yeaa he tried to jam Julio and it didn’t go so well

PhocusOnRemixes !!!!! Reply

Need my beats on here

Floyd Donnelly Reply

Russell gage wow

Alec M Wee Reply

Rise up ATL!

Jamerous 58 Gilliam Reply

Love the ball awareness by Kendall Sheffield

Al Coholic Reply

What was that drill where a player was laying on the ground while the other players jumped over him lol

joerod1990 Reply

I hope Matt Ryan doesn’t under throw every deep ball this year

Jamil Baskett Reply

I don’t get hyped over these videos anymore. I’ve been disappointed for far too long. Let’s get these games popped off!!!!

Dwight II Reply

Jalen McClesky is a major sleeper man. I hope he makes the team.

Also Hawkins at CB… Interesting 🤔

damon clayton Reply

Gurley is also absent. Makes me think it’ll be the same during the szn

Will Vazquez Reply

Oliver still getting cooked I see

juan rios Reply

There’s always that “1” person the dislikes this video.. prolly a aints fan 😂

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