Julio Jones addresses availability for Sunday | Falcons WR Julio Jones – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dandre Johnson

I didn’t know he cut his hair

    Antonio Dubose

    Wish I could cut my hair and regrow it so quick. Lol. Looks allot younger.

    andrew reierson

    I swear i was thinking the same thing. Thats 2 pounds lighter now.

    Andrew Holmes

    He looks a bit better and younger

    Dandre Johnson

    Andrew Holmes nah he looks older but plays younger

    Andrew Holmes

    @Dandre Johnson I guess


Come on guys, just get him signed like was promised after the restructuring last year.

    Jay Manning

    @Hekili they just restructured 2 contracts they’re bout to pay him, they’ll have it done before Sunday.. hopefully


    @Jay Manning Yeah that’s what I’m hoping for too. Down to the wire lol


    @Jay Manning Why the hell does it have to come down to the wire tho?

    Jay Manning

    @syminite1 that idk, maybe a money issue or some small details but if Dimitroff is good at anything it’s squeezing contracts in under a tight cap space, he’s known as one of the best in that department will shall see, i would of preferred him to be signed before Michael Thomas got his big contract honestly but I understand they want him to be the highest paid receiver in the league

    Terrence Summerour

    They may be wanted to wait and see how much they could offer up just in case something else came up at the last minute before rosters were finalized

100% IAN

Sometimes the reporters ask the dumbest questions 😂

Zig Zag

Julio getting annoyed af with the same questions.

    Julio Jones

    @Dandre Johnson yeah he’s super smart and witty but the frustration is there because he understands what they’re trying to get out of him they’re trying to make him look and sound like Antonio but it’s never going to happen

    Dandre Johnson

    Julio Jones true

    Julio Jones

    @Dandre Johnson they doubt him cuz they’re scared.

    The 3 Prankskateers

    It’s all D Orlando too😂

    Statick Shock

    @The 3 Prankskateers Ledbetter is a dumbass, man. He needs to be replaced as the Falcons beatwriter.

Demarcus Newell

A real professional shows up to work don’t complain helping the other players with their game he’s the best wide receiver in the game.

    Davy Brazell

    Well said bro💯


    Well said!! He deserves all the success heading his way!

Chasin Paper

You can tell he’s kinda frustrated

Demarcus Newell

My favorite wide receiver in the game and I don’t have to worry about no off field Antics he will show up and show out

Jamerous 58 Gilliam

Julio Jones starting to come up with Savage answers. Nobody hasn’t realized that he hadn’t played a single preseason game in the last 4 years lol

    Jamerous 58 Gilliam

    @Brandon Wilson is that a bad thing?

    Antonio Kim

    Jamerous 58 Gilliam I remembered Sterling Sharpe never played a preseason game either. All the greats never needed preseason

    Seon Cantrell

    Jamerous 58 Gilliam that because he a veteran. Most veterans dont suit up at this stage in they career

Christopher Yang

He went back to the same haircut he had when Dirk was our OC from 2012-2014 😁

    Christopher Yang

    @The 3 Prankskateers me too, but Julio is still Julio 🙂

    The 3 Prankskateers

    Christopher Yang yeah I mean as long as he plays👌

    Valentino Babbs

    Ah ha!

    Valentino Babbs

    10 plus touchdownds anyone?

    Logan Jenner

    Dud you pay attention to this ?😒


Pay the man🤦🏽‍♂️

    The 3 Prankskateers

    They will. He’s not zeke he’s willing to play and work it out through the season


    If they don’t pay him before Sunday, I will understand him sitting out. Falcons need to stop playing and pay the gentleman.


Maybe Antonio Brown should call Julio and ask him how to handle situations like a professional 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Nate Lowe

    GBdaBarber maybe sports reporters should stop causing drama lol… can’t compare these 2 Ballers: 1A&1B


    Nate Lowe true but have you ever hear julio put down a teamate, get upset over a helmet, threatening his GM Thomast Dimitroff or holding out of practice or games because of his contract? Lol

    andrew reierson

    Dont think ab would be able to comprehend the answer.

    Shawn Bishop

    @andrew reierson AB wanted to become a Falcon and Julio Jones told him that his childishness such as throwing furniature off a hotel balcony (he almost killed a small kid when he did that crap) will not be tolerated by the Falcons’ Organization. That was through Twitter and AB didn’t reply back.


    For real. Given his off field behavior and how toxic he is in the locker room, I wouldn’t take AB if he offered to play for free. This is just one more reason why Julio is superior to divas like Brown and Beckham.

L Capitan

He is READY TO EAT! His whole attitude is on another level, watch out whoever is in the way! #RISEUP 🔴⚫🏈

Treyvon Jenkins

I swear him and offset sound the same

Frae Saffold

My dawg out here looking like wood Harris in remember the titans with the new cut #11 #JetJones🐐


    Frae Saffold I swear !! 😭😭

Fred Butts

Y’all ain’t paying attention he’s telling you he’s going to play

Trimel Thinks

Pay my dog tonight!!!! Fun fact- Julio hates D. Orlando Ledbetter😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Alan Byrd

    I know man!!!! Please sign this brother


Julio aint no Diva, he’s a dawg…he’s gonna work!

Kenneth Bowman

He’s not frustrated with the contract situation… he’s just tired of answering the same questions. Julio doesnt care much for the media and I dont blame him.

    B Strong

    That’s their job though.

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