Julian Edelman on playing in New England: “I love being here” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Vash Starwind

Jules. The coolest. The best. Patriots at 100 k subs. 👍


Jules has proven his worth. I’m very happy about his extension. His catch in the superbowl was by far the most insane catch I’ve ever seen.

    richforeverken !

    He should’ve got paid after 2013 tbh


    @richforeverken ! I agree, I’m just glad it all worked out.

    richforeverken !

    @Peyton Bowen im a pats fan and love edelman but i think he’s top 15 reciever in the league right now. Edelman is great but top 5? I don’t know man maybe

    Big White Duck

    @richforeverken ! doesnt matter where hes ranked because since 2012 theres no.doubt hes the best playoff reciever by a mile

Blitz for six Productions

I love the patriots & thay are the best team ever

Willie 3

Great player and a real Patriot.🙏💙❤

Dan Stromland

One of the greatest clutch receivers ever. No matter what age, this dude takes over the playoffs

    Mark Stokes

    Dan Stromland – Without a doubt Dan. You know this is a big bad world with a lot of problems. But one of the things which makes life an awful lot easier is seeing Brady, Edelman and the Patriots light it up on any given Sunday. Their performances will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

The Dynasty Continues

From college QB to 7th round pick to Superbowl MVP. Such an impressive story and player. Never want to see him in any other uniform.

Welcome back Squirrel!

    Benjamin Luebberst

    Dustin Mcphetridge that’s kinda of the point. He says he hates cheaters so why watch the nfl. Why specifically click on a patriots video?
    Hate or not still are giving them attention

    Success Mindset

    Benjamin Luebberst I click on them because I love the team. I don’t want my kids to think Steroids are ok.

    Success Mindset

    Deflate gate was fake. I only mentioned one person as a cheater.

    The Dynasty Continues

    @Benjamin Luebberst Lol…. my bad.

    Benjamin Luebberst

    Success Mindset hopefully your kids never get an infection, have to gain weight after an illness or injury or have anemia…steroids are treatments for all those things but they Won’t take them because dad said steroids are bad

Mister Kekahuna

BOSTON CITY OF CHAMPIONS ! 👑💯🏆🥇🔥⭐💵☝️🍸🍹🍺🥂🍻🍾🎂🍨🍣🌮🥗🌯🥙🍕🌭🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐


JULES, The Little BIG MAN who could

    rdw rdw

    What about Wes???



J Ewert

Him and Brady will retire together. Holding hands, smiling at one another. I’m a 12 year old girl.

    Brandon Savitski

    You forgot to mention kissing and stroking each other off as well.

Steven Manning

Your loyalty and commitment mean a lot to us. Love ya beast

Rahn Aquizap

JULES #JE11 Another great example of doing it the #Rightway #PatriotWay #WINNINGISFUN

Leo Derosia

The heart, soul, blood and guts of patriots ….I would not trade him for any wr in nfl


    This is why you’re not a GM.


Go Patriots and go Bruins

klo schuessel

Go Bruins, Go Pats!

Liam Martin

The little engine that could. hero

Richard Joubert

Edelman is one of the best players that ever played the game,thank God we have him on our team,GO PATS!!!!!!

Richard Morris

We are blessed to have you in n.e. wouldn’t trade him for anyone.


I hope everybody really soaks in these next 2-3 seasons! Recognize this is truly special and you may never witness this in the NFL in this lifetime again!

    The Dynasty Continues

    Ive been saying this since 2012

peter henderson

What a combo with him and Brady. Wouldn’t be surprised to see another SB this season !

Stephen Johnson

The second best player in the NFL after Tom Brady lots of love from Ireland New England patriots 2020

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