Julian Edelman: “My focus is on the New York Jets” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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rich ernest Reply

You got varsity vs. j.v. Might as well be playing red shirts.Build your pin ball wizard pH brand.

Mitchell Varela Reply

Reporters ask the dumbest questions…

    Chris Collier Reply

    Mitchell Varela Pro Athletes need to form a reporting crew of athletes. Interview reporters about their dumb questions. “When you asked Rodger that dumb question did you know that same dumb question was asked just before you asked it again?”

    Messier90 Reply

    Indeed and then they get all butthurt if someone calls them out on it

    Brandon Guzman Reply

    you guys don’t get it.

    The so-called reporters would be fired, or otherwise not hired, if they wouldn’t ask these idiotic questions.

    The media’s job in all areas it works in is to create chaos, undermine confidence, and keep people very small. Their mogul bosses at the top feel that since we always take the bait, we get what we deserve (and that they are ultimately doing us a favor by entertaining us).

    these companies either hire morons in the first place – like police departments do – or give these marching orders which are followed.

Michael Murphy Reply

AB just got released.

Kevin B Reply

At least that first reporter had the decency to ask a reasonable football question. Why most reporters continue to ask Patriots and Bill about drama is beyond me, they have literally never taken the bait since Bill took over decades ago…

Marcelo Soprano Reply


Gold Diggers for the win…

    lincolnlobster Reply

    tyronebiggums69 Doesn’t matter how many convictions he has. Belichick knows how to build championship teams. He’s determined that AB and the daily accusations and drama are detrimental to his team. Are you calling Belichick wrong for making this decision and that you know better than him?

    tyronebiggums69 Reply

    @lincolnlobster no since he is arguably the best coach/gm in the history of pro sports.

    I was saying its a terrible precedent if they released him based on the original information.

    New info has come out though and it makes sense why he was released.

Skrt V Reply

We had ab for a week xD. He needs to be checked for CTE. Dont need him for #7

    PPK Reply

    Wow… Could be possible. But Scary. Hope its not the case. CTE doesnt have a diagnosis.

Disappointed Steve Reply

Easier for Gronk to come back now with AB cut.

    Ricky Parmar Reply

    @ObiNay how did he get the muscle back so fast

    Carlos Mendoza Reply

    Ricky Parmar he’s a SAYIN..

    Raymond Nolan Scott Reply

    he’s muscular and lean
    but is not that bulky

    Big White Duck Reply

    He’s literally broken the last he thing he needs is to be in pads

Austin Ahern Reply

Let’s go Patriots!!!

Edward Chubbick Reply

Can’t get blood out of a robot lol I love it play football 🏈 and that’s it go pats

Ray Paramio Reply

Patriots will just sign him again next season/future like they did with Gordon and Collins.

    Emily B Reply

    I hope you’re right

    Ray Paramio Reply

    were just gonna wait and see because it happens few times already that players got cut, release or traded they still came back or got them back same thing with Josh McDaniels but his different story because his a O-Coordinator/Coach.

Thomas Kelly Reply

In the end the simple explanation is you cannot protect soneone from themselves.

    Karl K Reply

    Hoping Antonio Brown gets the long term help and counseling that he needs. Brain damage can cause personality changes and impulsive decision making. So can incredible fame and enormous short term income.

    Thomas Kelly Reply

    @Karl K as can being accused of sexual assault if it really isnt true, and having the media doing their best to destroy you.

AVS Reply

Rock Steady baby 😎😎😎

scoonie Reply

The beard is going to return!

snakedog Reply

Why do Pats keeps letting TMZ reporters in the locker room?!!

Martin Goodef' Reply

Again ! More questions without research, can’t believe these reporters get paid or are they independents?

Artur Rofi Reply

One of my favorite Pats right here.
He going to shine this weekend.

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply


Joe Me Reply

JE11 becoming Bill Belichick.😂

Nick ______ Reply

I feel sorry for the jets, the patriots look angry

John Conor Reply

It’s the beard man 😎😎

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