Julian Edelman Makes Moves w/ 113 Yards | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Julian Edelman Makes Moves w/ 113 Yards | NFL 2019 Highlights

Julian Edelman gets the job done with over 100 receiving yards. The New York Giants take on the New England Patriots during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Bryan Hu Reply

Played him in fantasy and got 20 pts

    nmc400 Reply

    What how. I only got 11 pts from him. I use yahoo fantasy which one do you use?

    William Rawls Reply

    Full point PPR is like Trix, it’s for kids

    Mazuty Reply

    i got 25!

Day Be Trippin Reply

How does this dude not have a pro bowl?

    Austin Jones Reply

    Day Be Trippin too busy winning Super bowls

goblue193 Reply

Best slot WR in the game

    Tony Micel Reply

    @Syed D Hussain the NFL is fixed. It’s so obvious. Refs make it harder on opponents just by those automatic 1st down. Game changer. Then u got the stuff we dont hear, like that’s holding but Pat’s online can lock and hold. Plz the NFL is fixed to help Pat’s win.

    Tony Micel Reply

    @Jose Ortiz come on plz. When you get caught in espionage filming opponents defensive signals. You dont give up on espionage you just get better at it. The Pat’s probably have bugs under the benches in opponents locker room, near the Gatorade table. Seriously you dont give up on a good thing. You find away around it. Pat’s even jammed up steelers communication one year. That’s a pretty big advantage when u can communicate but they can’t. Yeah Pitt figured it out 2 Qtrs later when they’re down 3 scores.
    A cheater doesnt stop cheating when caught. They gets better at it. Stop being naive.
    I’ll keep it real the Pat’s are the champs at cheating. Hands down no question about it. How many gates already I know of 3. Just imagine the gates we dont know about theres probably a spiked Gatorade gate. Xanax or ambien would be my guess.

    Tony Micel Reply

    @mrbill806 I’m talking in general. From the tuck rule to now. Brady can’t get hit like cam Newton, watson, lamar Jackson. If you really dont see that, go get eye exam for new glasses. Lots of other QBs get hit in ways Brady will get the hankie ,15 yards and a new set of downs. In other words Game changer .

    mrbill806 Reply

    Tony Micel obviously you need your eyes checked cause there wasn’t a single roughing the passer and I don’t think I’ve seen one yet this year. It’s cause he protects himself from big hits lmao. I’ve literally seen Brady get hit so hard his helmet comes flying off and there wasn’t a penalty. You’re wrong.

Kam A Reply

y’all came here for 0:49 admit it

    Booker Reply

    Kam A Gostkowki enjoyed that more then he’d like to admit

    Swee Shu Reply

    Oh I “came” alright

    Ryan Rick Reply

    How’d you know?!

Booker Reply

0:49 Edelman Enjoyed That

Hongtao Sun Reply

According to NFL he’s #90 best player in the league

Nick Kinsey Reply

All them stare downs had to let them know wassup . my boy Edelman the truth 💪🏽

Joe Ruiz Reply

Julian Edelman is underrated and disrespected across the league. His placement on the top 100 list is crazy.

Kankoro Bakoro Reply

Future HOF!

Santana Moss Reply

1:23 Got ’em both. Beautiful.

    The Muffin Man Reply

    Santana Moss because the defense was told to hold down the flat lmao

Footballer140 Reply

And people say he’s undeserving of the hof. Same people who say Eli gotta be put in. Edelman>>>Eli

John Rotten Reply

Wish the Eagles had this guy.

chase cross Reply

Tough, smart and fearless player he is and love his tenacity on the field. Superb wide receiver and I’m glad he’s no diva. #Patsup #Ironman #Keeppushing

Kevin Garren Reply

The real heart and soul of the team. He’s a grade A #1 badass on the field!

Rob Samuel Reply

At 1:06 that catch got me hype tho ! Lol I know its the best feeling to catch a ball like that when you got the defender burned down the field 🙌

Jalen Micah Asuncion Reply

Julian Edelman is a beast 😂😂 #Animal

Nick Fantasia Reply

Imagine giving a video of Julian Edelman beating bracket double coverage deep with a stick and go a thumbs down. HATERS


He’s so underrated

Jolyette Frye Reply

Julian Edelman is a big reason 4 The Patriots success🏈 I was happy he won Super bowl MVP. 🏆

kalamarusffm Reply

With the 2019 season hopefully reaching +1,000yards, the endless HOF discussion should be over. Happy for the kid

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