Julian Edelman: “I put my effort towards improving myself” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Savage West

The toughest man in the NFL

    Stephen Scott

    No doubt about that!!

    SC Nomad

    There’s no such thing. Great player though

    FactsOver Feelings

    @SC Nomad Yeah there is. You can group guys by the position they play and go from there. The only receivers from this 2000 era that are his size that match his toughness are Hines Ward and Steve Smith.

Austin Ahern

Let’s go Julian!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

Joshua Vaughn


William Coles

I’m feeling good how r u? Hahhahahahha

Joshua Hawkins

Jules, don’t shave the beard!

    Miss Di R.

    Joshua Hawkins I don’t remember it being this thick last week lol. It grows pretty fast! Lmao.


    He won’t shave it until the end of the season.

Elijah Ward

The best slot WR in nfl history


    Yup. Was trying to think of someone else to throw your way but I can’t.

    Really liked Doug Baldwin too. Wes Welker has to be mentioned but he just wasn’t reliable in big moments. I’d also say Larry Fitzgerald could be considered a slot WR.

Scott Gibson

Eleven years, time flies, I am surely getting old. What a great Patriot


I love this man so much ( im a man )



Vox Populi

Damn Jules you look tired. Get some rest on Saturday bud!

    Eman Paul

    No he’s high on the weeeeeeed

Nathaniel Kerns

Lookin kinda rough. Hope he’s not seriously injured, we can take a couple Ls this time of year but we sure can’t do without him in January.

    Miss Di R.

    Nathaniel Kerns agreed. I also noticed Chung keeps getting injuries. The man goes hard.

David B

Jules, you’re in Gillette Stadium! Trying to use the “I lost my razor” excuse isn’t going to cut (shave) it…

    FactsOver Feelings

    You got that he was joking right

    David B

    @FactsOver Feelings I guess I needed to make the “joke” aspect of my comment even more heavy-handed??

    FactsOver Feelings

    @David B Yep

    Punka Pie

    Just getting that playoff beard on early, lol


“I’m feeling good how are you”


And why is my edelman score so low in fantasy?

    Aunchient Pistol

    because tom brady spreads the ball around

    B D

    Aunchient Pistol seems he is weak also

    B D

    Aunchient Pistol and tom is still the most decorated QB so there is that…

James Hyles

Patriots are the best

Charly Gr. v.L.

Our best wishes for Sunday
and take care 100% 👍👍

Roberto Moreno


Chet MacDonald

I hear seagulls, must be casting for ‘The More Perfect Storm.’ #FatChicks


Julian Edelman is one gorgeous hunk of man-flesh.

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