JuJu: “Literally the worst feeling ever” | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dorothy Nebroskie

I love my team win or lose

    Roberto Rocha

    Dorothy Nebroskie 💯

    Adam Tennant


    Dorothy Nebroskie

    @Adam Tennant hahaha thank you!

    Travis Stoudt

    This could be a long season for u guys


    1 and 15 here we come

Crystal&Brian Larue

Juju we still love you and the steelers win or lose we are still going to support you and the steelers no matter what you guys are part of our family get well soon mason


    Sweetest comment I’ve seen today😍. And you are right it’s STEELER NATION till the end

    Travis Stoudt

    Steelersgrl74 I luv seeing steelers lose

Dorothy Nebroskie

Holtons back there combing his hair hahah

    Fabian Torrez


    Fabian Torrez

    Happy day boy made the 53 man roster

    Dorothy Nebroskie

    @Fabian Torrez yeahhhh

    geniter 12

    Thought I was the only who saw it🤣

    Jay Jones

    He brushing his scalp lmao

Alex 51

I hope we can still win 💛🖤🖤💛 my prof pic is of juju and has been for a year now and so is my lock screen pic

Malik ElcoSS454

Hope Mason be ok for matchup against Chargers next Sunday night don’t know who is 3rd string quarterback Steelers have.


    Third string is devlin Hodges who played this game we have Paxton Lynch in practice squad but I don’t really like him his ok

    Malik ElcoSS454

    @ShiftyThraxxd ; Oh ok know a year or two ago Landry Jones was backup quarterback tho is sucked most plays.

    Caleb Kent

    Malik ElcoSS454 Hes probably out with a concussion


    We’d be lucky if mason came back this season never mind this Sunday plus even if he can come back this season no point in wasting him on games that won’t even matter

Blurred Culture

Steelers for life!!!

    Travis Stoudt

    steelers going nowhere as long as Tomlin is the coach

    Blurred Culture

    @Travis Stoudt facts

Cameron Bierman

JuJu head up man, learn from this and come back stronger, you the best WR out there.

Debra Lewis

Juju! Keep your head up! We love ya! Young man 😎😎😎😎

Debra Lewis

Steelers! Love win or lose!!

    Travis Stoudt

    steelers suck this year

    Jerry Obrien

    steelers played very well. When the steelers have a decent team steelers bandwagon fans everywhere in the bar
    yesterday just 1 with a 7 jersey and all he wanted to talk about was the hit on the qb and the ravens kicker would miss
    I read where the open end of the stadium very windy which is why Tomlin chose it. Tucker earns his pay
    Steelers fans just do a lot of lowlife stuff (not all ). Ray Lewis this or that. I watched a video of 3 steeler fans heckling Joe Flacco
    the entire game and not really watching the game. Steelers lost that game. The Steelers would not except the fact they had to rebuild
    the ravens took their medicine.

Nuckin Futs Looney

Win er loze we still booze!🍻

William Hanley

The QB could of got that. He was afraid. Good reason take one for the team boswell

Luke Faulkner

all things considered..this defense is making plays! coming together!! getting turnovers..getting better each week! look at the positives! still giving up the chunk plays and middle of the field stuff..i think it’s more talent ( minka Devin watt) then coaching (butler )..but if we had a coordinator that could utilize the talent to its lengths and full potential..could be a top 5 defense


You’re a great player and even better person JuJu.

    Blurred Culture

    fire Tomlin

Ryan Gonzales

It’s all good juju good game really liked the new Qb stepped up and stepped in

Albert N

You said it JuJu ,Humphrey’s made a great defensive play! That is NOT on you!! We love you dude!

Abukabar Muncongabo

Much respect for you broski, keep that head up


Keep your head up juju. You got this. 👊

Calum Laird

Juju always most humble guy, puts team on his back and never shy away from responsibility. Hope he a Steeler for life

Sergeant V

Still my favorite Steeler on the team, come back strong Juju!

Angelique Dooley

Hodges was Ⅰ player there trying to recover the fumble Steelers have a good 3rd string back up go Steelers

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