Jourdan Lewis: It’s A Different Year | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jourdan Lewis: It’s A Different Year | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Jourdan Lewis had a huge game against the Saints last year with a game-clinching interception. But he said the preparation has to be even better this time around.

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R.J. Holt Reply

This game will prove he belongs. Let him play more.

Cowboyz Legend 27 Reply

Thats my dawg 2700

Slippin’ Jimmy Reply

I like this guy. I hope nothing but the best for him

jeremy x Reply

Jordan Lewis is one of my favorite Dallas players
JLew iswhat he’s xslled7ny teammates
Let’s go Jay-Lew

Kody Lennox Reply

A humble Jourdan Lewis!?!?!??? Yup it’s a wrap! He’s gona be a starter pretty soon! i just hope it’s for us! Jourdan if you see this, stay in Dallas!

leadfoot97 Reply

J Lewis vs Kamara round 2! Ahhhhhh yeah!

Kenneth Harrison Reply

We have to watch that #7 dude too

Money Mood Reply


Juice Williams Reply

Most slept on player in the league if given the chance he’ll become one of the top 3 corners in the league if not the best mark my words

Nicolas Garcia Reply

Even though Dallas doesn’t allow the corners to follow a man.. I’m sure when Jones is on Thomas Dallas has the advantage. #DC4L

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