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Josh Rosen Completes 16-Yd Pass While Taking Hit

Josh Rosen throws a 16-yard completion to Preston Williams while under pressure. The Atlanta Falcons take on the Miami Dolphins during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

Hope he proves the Cardinals wrong

    Anonymous GameZ

    Jay Johnson you are joking right Kyler murray is going to be a Star Rosen is going to have a career as a backup

    Anonymous GameZ

    Caden Ollom you are all insane if you think Kyler will be a bust compared to Rosen Rosen is overrated Kyler is underrated he is a better passer than baker mayfield even baker admits it and yet Kyler runs better than Michael Vick you guys hella sleep on murray if you think Rosen will do better than him


    He won’t. 😂😂😂

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

People are so impatient these days. Rosen had 1 season. Fun fact, Payton Manning finished 3-13 his rookie year. And threw 100 interceptions in his first 5 years. Troy Aikman finished 1-15 his rookie year.

    B Bacon

    HTX 713 I don’t think anyone’s saying that we’re just saying don’t always judge a QB off their rookie season

    Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

    Larry Legend is the GOAT – Lol

    Alberto Esperanza

    Well Manning had Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne and Aikman got Emmit Smith the following year so :p

    Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

    clevelandcbi – Didn’t even know about that! Definitely going to add that in my comment.


Preston williams is gonna be a problem

disco dickens

I’m really rooting for Rosen


    Ligma_Testacles as a pats fan? Tf


    i’m going for Rosen to be the next best QB ever and i’m from Chicago

    Anonymous GameZ

    bosmang6 he won’t be though josh Allen baker mayfield and Kyler murray all are better quarterbacks and I’m not too high on Sam darnold but right now he’s better too I don’t see him being the next great quarterback if he isn’t even a top 3 quarterback in his own draft class

    disco dickens

    @Anonymous GameZ woooooah didn’t know you could see the future 😱

    disco dickens

    @bosmang6 I’m also from Chicago! Bear down


any decent dolphins fan knows that tannehill would’ve just went down

    Exillens 2.0

    @Llamas Boy43 Line or no line Tannehill was slow and stiff on his reads with no pocket feel. Half of his sacks were on him. And was trash at pre snap reads. He’d sack himself


    @Huncho Max Gaming he won’t be in the NFL for long

    Gamemaniac 85

    Lol…im not even a Dolphins lover/hater but i legit coughed up my food reading that

    Llamas Boy43

    Exillens 2.0 not necessarily cause again we never got to see his full potential and being stiff on reads and having no pocket reads kinda plays in with the o line getting better cause he never had a chance to take time to make great decisions. And I will agree he was slow but that wasn’t the cause before his 2 acl injuries also I see what you mean but I don’t fully agree

Josh Phil

One thing I did see is that damn O line ain’t no better!

    Ditch 79



    They look like triple a of football


    When the best player on the line isn’t playing and you have a below average RT trying to play LT you are going to have issues. I doubt that guys like Jordan Mills or Will Holden will be starting when the regular season starts.

    Benbo 623

    yeah literally got to him in 4 seconds everything else was looking good though.


i’m not a dolphins fan but y’all sleeping on rosen 🚫🧢 picking him up was the biggest W for the dolphins

    Jason Everett

    two words I wish neanderthal sports fans would remove from their vocabulary: “y’all” and “sleeping”. Every year fans from every team have to tell us that we all are sleeping on some team or some player. Every year 99% of them are wrong.

    Anonymous GameZ

    Jason Everett so damn true it’s preseason and that pass was a very bad pass stop praising him like it was some masterful decision

    Monny o

    I can’t say u wrong only if o line get better we will see how rosen looks but this was a good play lucky or not!

    Anonymous GameZ

    Monny o no it wasn’t a good play at all it was a terrible decision by an overrated quarterback it should’ve been picked

Big White Duck

Jesus christ rosen cant catch a break. Might as well line up 4 Full backs and a center and call it the cowboys O line

    RJ Ante

    The O-Line might as well be a slight breeze slowing down the D-Line.

    Odley Francois

    I think they are backups and we are missing tunsil he will be fine👌🏻

Derpy Derp

Bengal would be proud.

jason lopez

Really rooting for Rosen to prove himself but the o-line is just terrible

Ian Wright

You can not accurately judge Rosen until he gets somewhat of a o line

    Cole George

    Ian Wright agree. Still think Sam Bradford could have been a star if he had an O-Line.


    the dude def seems talented. he has that look

    Ian Wright

    Cole George that and injuries


He’s gonna have to play well, Tannehill had multiple effecient seasons and is a back up…in this league it’s playoffs or bust. QBs change like clothes now.


Just saying, Preston made the play, not Rosen.


    Squilliamï grant wasn’t on the Felix todat

    Will Henson

    Squilliamï how dummy, Rosen (while falling down) was able to put the ball on the inside of the WR as the DB was draped on his outside shoulder.


    Will Henson the dying pass is always a bad idea. It’s too risky.

    Will Henson

    Squilliamï no doubt but skillful none the less

Splitz Cinamatics

Hope he has a good year after fitz gets benched last week 6, 7.

dankey dolphin

Hey y’all gotta admit that is a full effort play by Rosen props to him

Greg Umansky

It’s so unsatisfying to see the entire o-line collapse like that in less than a second

Josh Clow Show

Hoping to see Josh rosen ➡️ Preston Williams many times this season

Andrew George

If I was colorblind I would think he’s still on the Cardinals with that blocking

Ibraheem Rao

Just start Rosen week one because Ryan isn’t gonna solve anything even if he plays well

Romi Arkan

Once Ryan Fitzpatrick is done committing his annual fraud stealing wages Dolphins should stick to Rosen.

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