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Josh McDaniels addressed the media and talked about his excitement post-Draft, OTA's & more.

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46 replies on “Josh McDaniels: “Everybody’s got a great deal of excitement heading into the Spring””

  1. Tom Brady has equal to or greater than all NFL franchises in Superbowl wins and more SB appearances than all NFL franchises except NE Patriots.

  2. Been a fan since Grogan in 76,a lot of lean years but a lot of great years but I’m more fired up for this season than anyone I can remember,surely out of all the rookies and vets they’ve brought in we would get a deep receiving core for the next few years and maybe even our next qb

  3. I’m not used to this “answering questions” from our football coach 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  4. @Simon Knight Payton? Lmao the Saints always choke! That bozo passed the ball instead of running out the clock in the NFC Championship game.

  5. Been here since we drafted Plunkett #1 in 71……this season could be the most exciting of all….including the 07 team, that fell one catch short.

  6. Gotta love how the Patriots literally tell you how to run a good team and most still can’t do it.

  7. G123 Brees fucked up but don’t disrespect Sean Payton’s offensive understanding

  8. I think that’s exactly why Josh hasn’t taken a HC position elsewhere. He’s probably been told by Kraft that if he stays put, he’ll be the next HC after the Hoodie retires.

  9. Same here. Remember the (very) lean years. Had some great players, but could never put it all together until the Kraft/Parcells/Belichick/Brady era. I am enjoying every single minute of it.

  10. @Seto Kaiba First of his name Bottle Don’t really know, we can all agree TB12 is playing better at 41 than he was at 31. I believe he will not limp across the finish line as Peyton did his last 3 seasons, he will know when the magic runs out of his hour glass, when that happens, and it happens quickly at the end…he will walk away.
    Hopefully it will be with that last ring.
    I predict two more.

  11. Thor Valhalla ever since I saw Grogan scrambling and the old Pat Patriot logo I’ve been hooked!your right they’ve always had great talent here and there but could never put it all together,I remember when madden came out on Atari and our rating was like 46 or 53,we’ve come a long way!

  12. D Cons wouldn’t say that at all this year to me really feels like the first year things could change

  13. He has more playoff wins than 27 NFL franchises. Only 5 teams including the Patriots have more playoff wins than Brady/Belechick.

  14. Belicheck is taking Josh under his wing for when he retires Bill will leave when Brady does which will be in 3 years there’s a link on it online about Josh learning from Bill

  15. _”We gotta do everything better. Blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, special teams, coaching.” – Belichick_

  16. Surprising how much information Josh gave in this interview..BB might be a little pissed ..😀

  17. @aks957 Rumor has that BB has Josh McDaniels outside in the cold and rain running laps around the practice field as we speak 🤣🤣🤣

  18. @snipe69 Moss carried his team that’s a stupid comparison. Brady broke records when he had moss for only 1 season!

  19. Plunkett was so promising. Went on to win SB with Oakland. I’ve following since they played games at Fenway.

  20. Coaches leave and they still can’t do what the Patriots do. If Belichick didn’t have a proven record players wouldn’t listen to him, the press would hate him, and make fans hate him.

  21. do you feel,deflated a bit?!, uggly weather and all ,in beautifull New England, well, ,dont worry and get yourself pumped up, i can feel it already,🏆💪🏈.

  22. 0:49 first impression of Stidham. McDaniels looks down and shakes his head. Not a great sign

  23. A young genius at football. He should be in the same conversation with BB and TB12. Not saying at their level but how many wins and SBs would have happened w/o him?

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