Josh Jacobs Racks Up 113 Total Yds & 2 TDs in NFL Debut | 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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We The North

What a beast. He’s the real deal, Raiders got one.

Roy Thomas

Raider Nation! We got our guy! My pick for offensive rookie of the year!

    Jeremy P

    If Devin Singletary gets this much work he wont

    Damian Montesinos

    Jeremy P who

    Carolina Howard


    Edgar Mireles

    @Damian Montesinos jacobs is good bro but I agree with the other dude devin singletary and even David Montgomery both pop out the screen more it’s just a question if they will get the ball that much

    Jeremy P

    @Damian Montesinos Bills Rb, he has little competition and first game went 4 for 70 and caught 5 for 36. If he gets 20+ carries within the next few games we will see how they match up

Raiders Cat

Great story, great character and a 3 down back! Perfect way to start his career. Glad we drafted him.

    Justin Flick

    As a Bama fan, I love Josh. I know he can be an amazing 3 down back. I just hope being a 3 down back doesn’t shorten his career.


    He deserves it so much

Malik Jones

JJ made history! on his 1st start… 100+ and 2 TD’s, “from Rags to Riches Just Win Baby”

    Tom Huncosky

    ash. 246 yards 3 touchdowns. Let me know if you need help with the math

    The Seahawks didn't run the ball

    @Tom Huncosky He’s the only player to have 200+ plus yards from scrimmage and multiple TDs on their debut, not 100.


    @Tom Huncosky I wasn’t disputing the math dickwad n I simply stated what ESPN said during the game

    Tom Huncosky

    ash. Lol good job, way to think for yourself 🙂

    Chris 1

    @Tom Huncosky I think what they meant was 2 rush TDs. Kareem hunt had 1 rush, and 2 receiving TDs.

Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa

Carr stays clean = RAIDERS W!


    Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa Derek Carr can pick apart any defense with time in the pocket

    Dystopia Gear

    Yep, O-line was impressive for sure. Carr also showed more poise than he did last year by far. Even when mistakes were made or he didn’t like the defense, he handled it just fine. I’m pleasantly surprised.

Joseph Pomale

Built by Bama Roll Tide Raider

Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights

From homeless to the NFL… you can’t help but root for this guy 💯

    Teague Moore

    Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights 💯🧢

    Juan Rodriguez

    @Armaan Sohi Im dead from your comment. Lmfao

    Armaan Sohi

    Juan Rodriguez lmao

    brad stcyr

    @Professor Statisyahu sounds like you’re an addict or recovering from addiction. wish the man well and hope he doesn’t go back to his old ways when he gets a lot of money in his pocket

Robert Kavnaugh

Couldnt of asked for more from this young man. #RN4L

Trent Williams

I like him.. you can tell he’s going to be good got stronger as the game went on

Moneystaywoke 456

Future pro- bowler right here folks

Synthetic Jcb

Can we just talk about how he’s the first person to get 100 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns in there first game since LT in 2001 FREAKING LT

    JunJie Gao

    Synthetic Jcb Kareem Hunt got over 200 yards and 3 TDs in his debut 2 years ago


    JunJie Gao 2 “rushing” TDs is the key word there

    Dystopia Gear

    @laynebrock right and neither of those TDs was easy, either. This young man has strength and guts.


    Dystopia Gear Most elusive back in bama history, his vision is insane and he’s an all around down back. If they use him like the saints use kamara he’s gonna be amazing this year

    Dystopia Gear

    @laynebrock last night was the first time I watched Jacobs, and the first thing I noticed was his vision. Followed by his strength, dude’s legs never stop. He’s gonna be fun to watch!

Dwerpsherps Guy

He got me like 25 fantasy points to get me the dub

    quan Brooklyn kid

    how much did u win if u don’t mind me asking

    Adam Wicks

    I wasn’t very high on him, and I’m kicking myself now
    I traded him a while back for Tarik Cohen based on the fact that Cohen is basically a it helps I. The PPr league. Wish I kept him

Ivan Murillo

@ 4:25 look at the way he dragged Von Miller to pick up 15 yards, my GOD this kid is going to light this league up…

    Gregorio Gonzalez

    Ivan Murillo and Miller still couldn’t bring him down


    Look at the block from Ingold on Miller! 1:10

Stan Felder

@1:42 FB Ingold blew his guy up on the lead block 💪🏼

    Scruffy Lemon

    Stan Felder guess who his guy was. 5 8

    marky mark

    @Scruffy Lemon I think it was 56 but he did blow him up

Undea Khann

It was impressive he did this against a so called top ten defense.

    Damian Joni

    I dont think anyone considers Denver a top ten defense. Dont know any has since they lost talent in the secondary


*Feels like Josh Jacobs had more touches that game than he did at Alabama lol*

    Shotty McThotty

    Fr I didn’t know about him until his last year at bama and he was sharing carries with 2 other rbs lol


I was shocked Jacobs was not drafted higher. It was so clear that his style would translate to the next level. He runs based on vision and feel first, outright speed and power second. Not to say he is not fast and strong. But he uses vision first. Because of this, he is able to adjust to NFL speed almost instantly.

    Tj Adams


xOakland xCali

Moving the chains all day with his guy.


This kid is going to be a super star, he can do it all.

Skylar Young

He overestimated the height of that wall😂 Almost landed in the 2nd row! We found our RB!!

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