Josh Jacobs is finding a new home in the NFL | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Josh Jacobs is finding a new home in the NFL | Raiders

It was not long ago that had no home to call his own. Moving from motel to motel and often sleeping in his dad’s car, he learned to take everything one day at a time – a mentality he has brought to the . With fans buzzing with excitement over his hot start, we join the rising star at his new home in to see how he is living his best life.

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KipChipDipPip The Ribwitts

If he gets 1000yrds, buying his Jersey

    Tony Borum

    @Tony Perez injury prone, upright running style made him easy to bring down, lacked elusiveness and breakaway speed (would always get caught from behind). He was middle of the pack maybe top 10 on a good day. Jacobs is already better than mcfadden at his best.

    Robert Jackman

    He’s on pace for 1,228

    Robert Jackman

    Tony Perez shut up fat Tony

    Don Cuyson

    If he resigns with the Raiders I’ll buy it..I almost bought Mack’s but then he left for Chicago

    cjb cjb

    Don Cuyson bro I got the Carr white and Mack black jerseys for xmas and then they trade Mack smh

P Gaven

God bless. I’ve been through some of these same struggles. I was homeless for over a year after the military and faced being in the cold sleeping behind buildings in my car but working odd jobs during the day. I prayed and God always gives us what we need if we keep faith and works in motion. Keep working hard Josh. No matter where that path leads including other teams in the future and other endevors. Truly inspirational to hear about and see stories like yours. Thank you and Go Raidernation.

Joshua Smith

That was the most low key Sleep Number ad I have ever seen. 😂


    Joshua Smith deadass said the same exact thing 🤣

    Nike Eli

    I thought the same. Especially at 6:45. Reminds me of those fake actors portrayal lol

    Keenan Mossiah

    They better pay this young man well. Great ad.. I might get me a sleep number

    Noah Lehman

    @Keenan Mossiah If you can get hit that hard and sill wake up rested, you know theyre doing something right lol

    Keenan Mossiah

    Noah Lehman Lmfao.. you right about that.. he’s going to be our bully along with Abram

Tony Borum

An appreciative brother who is destined for greatness


The fact that i played him in high school then seen him go to bama and now here is just mind blowing


6:07 I thought he was gonna say something else

    Scruffy Lemon

    SAME!!! I was like “oh no he ain’t gonna say it”



    Gerardo Chavez

    ON MEEE!!!!! Me too 😂

    Danny Domingos

    Gotta stay healthy yo


    I might… beat my…😳family..🤔 In 2k 🥵

BellyUp !

Humble….great character…even if he doesn’t stay a Raider…gotta keep watching this dude.

The Nation

Since week 1
I knew i wanted his jersey
But now after week 4 i NEED HIS JERSEY

    cjb cjb

    The Nation I’m looking right now, I just don’t know about these new NFL kids. They’re acting like NBA players and demanding trades smh. There’s talks about jaylen Ramsey, Stefan diggs, and AJ green being traded to Oakland. I might just stick to some shirts and a hoodie.

Rome Danger

This is some good advertising. It’s interesting to watch and keeps me captivated and also makes me want one of those beds without annoying me with too much abrasive advertising

Erick Rodriguez

I hope he plays his whole carreer as a Raider.

    Jovany H

    Luis Carrillo when did I say they were in his level? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️i said “that’s the same thing I said” about other Running backs in the past.

    Jay Charles

    Jovany H was a joke ……..u don’t get it obviously

    Keenan Mossiah

    Kaemon Stults that’s dope my man. I’ve always supported the eagles since the Mcnabb, Westbrook, Staley, Dawkins, Kearse days. It’s still RN4L

    I love food but don't like you

    Hopefully he donst get a serious injury problem like d rose talent wasted

    Jonathan martinez

    Erick Rodriguez he can do that if he never wants to see a playoff appearance and never super bowl potential. Yeah stay with raiders. Raiders has a lot of team building they’re working on but they need to stop releasing such amazing players like how they did with Khalil Mack. Perfect example of how Oakland let’s go of outstanding skilled players


He’s humble

AllEyesOnG DotCom

He was hard to read at first for me, especially with so many players wanting to perceive a persona now a days. I am happy he is with us, he seems like a genuine great guy who is focused on his work. Wish nothing but the best for him. Just win baby!

Ivan Sanchez

Worthy of purchasing a Jersey for sure!

lance bell

I thought he said was gonna save his money? 😂

Lowell Lockhart

I hope he stays a RAIDER Life Long!!!

Gb J

Seems like a really good guy. Wish him well in his career.

Jay Charles

When he said “I might beat my …. family at 2k” when he was explaining his night schedule 😂 thought he was gon say sumn else 😂

    Xman Galvan

    Jay Charles that pause was sus. i feel dirty for thinking exactly what you were 😂😂

    cjb cjb

    Jay Charles true professional athletes can’t have sex as much as regular guys, you learn this in hs. Coaches always told us to never have sex before practice or before a game.

    Noah Lehman

    @cjb cjb Its been proven that having sex or masturbating before a performance can increase your performance. They even did a recreation of the study on sports science lol And it works for males and females. Just look at philip rivers… dude has like 20 kids, and hes the chargers GOAT qb lmao

Zack Woods

Man I love Jacobs, I’m so glad the Raiders got him he’s a great person, and such a beast

Zach Boozé

I honestly thought he was gonna say “beat my meat” at 6:05 😂

    Keenan Mossiah

    Lmfao! You a fool for that bro. RN4L!


    Same lol

Chris Collier

Sleeping in cars, living in motels – “It’s kinda common now.”

    Samuel Wilson

    Its sad that coaches call it natural talent.

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