Josh Jacobs highlights: Best plays from Week 4 vs. Colts | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Matthew Duran


Jonathan Lopez

No disrespect to his name but Mr .lil Lynch 😂👌 homie a beast tho 💪

frank jimenez

Keep feeding the youngsters that Rock. Pound pound pound that Pinche Rock… 1NATION

Mitchell Vang

Just feed him the ball 25 times a game

Hans Moleman

Just got his jersey!


Mini beast mode


Freaken BEAST.


Zebras seem to be missing a lot calls that favor the Raiders. Face mask on Jacobs and holding on Williams.

    Damian Montesinos

    R L try again

Ernesto L

The Raiders have a good rushing trio. Hopefully at least Washington or Richard can be back next season.


He’s almost as good as Least Mode !!!

Hernandez Garcia

We have a great foundation in these young guys


I haven’t been this excited, since trading Ken Stabler for Dan Pastorini.

Relly Rell is Really Real



Yes, unleash the beast. I Hope he stays a Raider his entire career. 🏴🏳️🏴‍☠️☠️

Marvera 24

We need to use him more, everytime he touches the ball he gains some valuable yards.

Let’s feed this kid.

bill hawk

Dude is guaranteed 5 yards use him more!

Silver Reaper

Same thing I said about Mad Maxx, What. F ing BEAST

West Side

Hes a beast keep him healthy tho

Joshua scott

Marshawn lynch 2.0

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