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Kevin K

Man this man a hard runner – earned every yard he got!


Raiders beat the Bears? 🤔. Keep your mouth closed next time Mack.


    Stetson Meyers Mitch isn’t even that good

    Joao Salvattore

    LoneAvgr not really, don’t involve us all with casuals like you who don’t understand the game

    younged 510

    @Young Ghost Mitch is overrated..

    Joshua scott

    @younged 510 no super bowl wins tho or playoff wins go raiders 😂😂😂

Ethan Muro

OROY. He’s insane

Yo Yo

Khalil Mack had 3 tackles and was a no show for his revenge game

    Omc 559

    He played ? Lmfao

    Chris Gang

    He had dreams to crush us but nightmares took over when he pictured gruden in em lol just win baby

    Johnny Chingas

    140 million no show hahahahah

    Greg Gillings

    That’s because big 77 gave him that work. Don’t get me wrong I love Mack and wish he was still a Raider. But don’t get it twisted Mack is still Mack. He can destroy any gameplan if you don’t scheme for him; for example chipping him everytime, getting the ball out quick run at him with a FB and TE. Dude is still a beast.

    jim Morrison

    It was a raiders revenge game. Gruden was tired of hearing about Mack.

Michael Sandoval

This kid is the real deal. He’s good running east, west and north, south

    Adam K

    lol wtf south…..

    Raider nation#R.I.P AL



Going Marcus Allen on that T.D.

Yo Yo

I’m also enjoying the beat down the packers are giving the cowbitches

    RJ Ante

    And Green Bay tried to blow it again, too bad they don’t lose to pretenders.


    Low Tier Trash all that but they still can’t win lol

    England is my CITY

    @RJ Ante we play them in two weeks

    Chris Gang

    @Low Tier Trash 👀 idk y’all did loose lol


    Me too lol

Go Buccaneers

I didn’t start him in fantasy but it’s all good cuz I got Aaron Jones

    Gregorio Gonzalez

    But you could have still had both playing. My brother had Jacobs and McCaffrey. Rip to me this week in fantasy


    Gregorio Gonzalez bro I have Mccafrey and he gave me 47.7 points 😂😂 not even fair

    Go Buccaneers

    Gregorio Gonzalez I also had Amari Cooper

GOlden St8

Bears ain’t winning a Super Bowl don’t care how “good” that defense is


    Lmfaoooo, okay bud keep talking

    Junior Manzo

    SHUTUP GRANDMA y’all need a QB and a O-line that’s going to take time, by the time y’all find that, that defense won’t be the same.. windows are very small in the NFL.. just saying.

    Moe Snert

    Yea the patriots will win it. Duh!

    jim Morrison

    @SHUTUP GRANDMA your offense sucks. Trubisky isn’t super bowl material sorry. They already lost to green bay in Chicago. They are goin to have a tough time even wining the division.


AB looks like an even bigger idiot for throwing away millions of dollars to not play for a team that has actually been competitive so far this year.

    RJ Ante

    @Sascha Lipinski Like me? For what? Laughing at a team that has been dysfunctional for years? Man, some Raiders fans have no class.

    Kevin J

    @RJ Ante laughing at an organization for being bad for while is classy? Lol you sound stupid. Every team in NFL history has either done good then been bad for years or vice versa.

    RJ Ante

    @Kevin J Well yeah, that’s how it works.

    Kevin J

    @RJ Ante so you have no room to tell somebody else they have no class then

    I don’t Know lol

    @Colin Petti or 13-3 🤷🤷

Natividad Alvarez

Hell of a running back. RNFL


He reminds me of Tomlinson from back of the day. Good field vision

    Tony Borum

    Yup, i dont think ladanian ever had a sub 4 yard run against raiders 😂 he used to give em the business so consistently


    @Tony Borum he did usually smash the raiders and then he would choke like all San Diego Super Chargers would in the playoffs lmaooooo 🤣 my bad SUPER CHOKERS sorry about that

    Tony Borum

    @Ericthats harsh bruh haha

    Rocafella Gibson

    A yo I thought I was the only person who saw that


I’m free grandma I’m free…. because no one will pay me


Jacobs is a beast but give credit to Ingold and that O line.

    The Wheaties Box Guy

    Yeah he made some very impressive blocks, especially on JJ’s 2nd td.

    Austin Grant

    peeblogger Great assessment. Im a raider fan. Our whole offense is improved. It’s all on Carr


    @Sinz Craziest thing about Ingold, he’s only being asked to block. He can also catch out of the backfield and play tight end. He’s like Kyle Juscheck.

    Dat Boi

    @peeblogger It’s Juszczyk


    @Dat Boi okay… bro.

Dan Stevens

Khalil Mack who!? Jacob’s is only a raider because of the Khalil Mack trade. Let that sink in!

    Joshua scott

    @Mr.Sarcastic OD F Mack we still good without him plus we got mayowa that’s leading the team with sacks so We don’t need big fat Mac

    KKING Productionz

    @Mr.Sarcastic OD right. Its not like he requested a trade. People treat mack like he betrayed us or sum

    Moe Snert

    This is like the raiders super bowl since they ain’t going back in along long time

    jim Morrison

    @Mr.Sarcastic OD they are better off having jacobs plus who ever they get next year in the first round plus not having to sign him to 144 millon dollars so they can bring in more quality players. Singing super stars to mega deals dosent win championship just ask the patriots.

Darryl Philbin

Damn he did that to this defense?! Resepct.


It is still shocking to me he went 24th in the draft. He has such great field sense and timing. He uses defenders speed and direction against them so well. Before the season I was telling people his running style would be effective instantly, because he never relies on pure speed. He relies on his brain and eyes.

Ian Bowman

Love how Mack is just chilling on the ground while Jacobs jumps over him for the game winning score. RAAAAAAAAAIDERS. Endless whining by the sports press for past year. You can stfu now. Mack took a nap during the “revenge game.”

    jim Morrison

    It was a raiders revenge game. Gruden was tired of hearing about Mack.

Mr. Archnemesis

Raiders just finally showed who won this trade war.

    Don Cuyson

    Mr. Archnemesis not quite yet…they still need to show off the next draft pick

    jim Morrison

    @Don Cuyson they are better off having jacobs plus who ever they get next year in the first round plus not having to sign him to 144 millon dollars so they can bring in more quality players. Singing superstars to mega deals dosent win championship just ask the patriots. The eagles won their super bowl on wentzs rookie contract, the Broncos won theirs before signing von Miller to a big contract and the Seahawks won their super bowl with Russell Wilson on a rookie contract. Your better off having a team full of B/ B+ players and stars on rookie contracts than a singing 1 or 2 super stars to mega deals. Bears have a great defense but offense sucks. Teams not well rounded enough. They could have been better off using that money and draft capital they spent on Mack singing and drafting quality offensive lineman and wideouts. They wouldn’t be as as good on defense but they would still have a really good defense and have a good o line and more dangerous offense to boot.

    jim Morrison

    @Don Cuyson the raiders were able to sign good o-line and defensive players plus got Jacobs making them a much better team than last year.

Johnny Chingas

Return of the Mack, Who left with no Sack.

-Mark Twain.

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