Josh Gordon’s TD, Julian Edelman’s double pass & more top plays vs. the Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Brady Carson

Let’s Go Patriots, your defense is on point #DefenseIsAmazing 33-3 #Offense

Tate Chasers

Cowboys Patriots Super Bowl, the world won’t be able to take it

    Christopher Spiech

    Pats Saints

    Cowboys wont win a playoff game

    Noah Namey

    Skip Bayless’s head would explode.

    Artur Rofi

    @Noah Namey Skip is nowhere to be found…


    Cowboys? LMAO

    Jay Bartgis

    Neither would the cowboys

rich ernest

Sprinkles of Rugby be damned .Genius of the Belistrater.


Its gonna be a great year, I have a very good feeling 🐐💍💍💍💍💍💍💍

    John Doe

    Xenomorph you might be Horde loving orcish scum, but you’ve got damn fine taste in football.

    Salty Mind

    @John Doe heyy, every race are great in their own ways

Almon Joseph

Edelman could’ve thrown it to josh for a TD


    Even Belichick said that would’ve been a good part of the play but the reason it wasn’t designed to go to Gordon is because that free safety fucked up the coverage, he REALLY bit on Edelman like he was the receiver and then realized and trips trying to go back to cover Gordon deep if that free safety wouldn’t have blown his coverage Gordon wouldn’t have been open so that screen was still a better option considering that was the practiced play and like Corey said Edelman is the last guy to just free ball a play especially since the designed one was executed perfectly.

    Libert Siagian

    @Almon Joseph well he’s 33…

    Boo Radley

    Yeah, I first thought that BB was just being cagey about the double-pass when he infers that the Edelman-Gordon might have to be reconsidered as a first read option instead of as a feint. In review, it would’ve been so sure a TD that BB couldn’t help but comment because Gordon got such phenomenal and prolly unexpected separation over the top. I thought that Jules might have been a bit intimidated (wrong) by such a “big” pass. But looking again you can see that Jules never had his feet planted square with Josh’s corner route. An option version would’ve required required an immediate read that Gordon wasn’t open and some fancy footwork to re-plant both feet for the across field pass. The timing would be tricky. I think that Gordon just surprised everyone by blowing through the safeties.

    Ryan McMeans

    D Mur I would think that too but if you look closely you can see that Julian looked down the field first then came back to White as a second option. Kind of like he didn’t trust his arm

    F M

    I’m sure he will before the season is out. Teams will get burned another time or two on the short pass over, then in a big game, they’ll recognize it and go for the stop just to get BTFO by a pass downfield.


JE11 is truly the most versatile receiver in the league

    Jared Bryan

    You’re right. They picked him because he can “play ball” and had no idea how to use him, haha.

nate stroh

And they say he is a grumpy dude, no let him talk football & not field questions from nimrods


    He should break down film during press conferences


    Majority of the “sports journalists” are nothing more than window-licking, TMZ tiered nitwits. Bill prolly looks down from his podium, and imagines them all wearing bicycle helmets.


    They are brain dead talking heads devoid of any character.

Brandon Daniels

It’s amazing to see the night and day difference between Belichick here vs. Belichick in an ordinary press conference 🤣

    C L

    You can see the passion he has for doing this as opposed to answering stupid questions from reporters.

    Patsfan 4life

    He likes Zolak

    Light Yagami

    @Patsfan 4life well Zolak used to play for Bill so there is some mutual respect there

    Fred Thompson

    Brandon Daniels ….it’s a bit trippy but I like it. 😁

    George Parra

    He knows the media are a bunch of pinheads


This is a 19-0 team if they stay healthy!

    Light Yagami

    They definetly could have done it in 2015 to looking back if they didn’t get injury riddled that year though i think this team is much better than the 2015 team and close to the 07 team at least on paper.

    John Stachulski

    Absolutely this is the best fielded pats team f all time

Tosh T

Julian is so disciplined, he stayed with the designed play and threw to White instead of trying to go for a bomb to Gordon.

    Michael Johnson

    Exactly. Next time they call this Julian should get the green for the bomb to Gordon.


Beautiful play design + great execution = big play’s

Joseph Lauren

GREAT segment. I always learn so much watching them. Thanks.

Brent Dowland

Big Ben needs to retire, he has no synergy with his teammates.


I live for these Belichick breakdowns, thanks coach for the awesome commentary!!

Derrick Anderson

Belichick is the GOAT for doing these, he doesn’t have to at all. Thank you Coach !

Dan Weiss

Love these sessions, wish they would go over more plays.

Donovan Brady

Should have thrown to Gordon on that double pass, was wide open

Julian _

Dang, are the Pats turning into the best nfl YouTube page as well??


Belichick seemed really happy in this video, he sees what his team is doing and hopefully it continues.

Mike Pereiira

Love how much I get to see Bill talk about football.

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