Josh Gordon on his mentality: I’ve always been a fighter” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Awessome098 Reply

Gordon needs more passes thrown to him, he’s a monster when he’s in the zone

    tait Michie Reply

    Awessome098 nah he good, x-ray was fine

    Awessome098 Reply

    tait Michie well that’s amazing news, Patriots really need him next week against the Bills

    J M Reply

    Talent plus he learnt humility through his ordeals

    Wolfgang Gartner Reply

    tait Michie u made my night with that news. Keep being a blessing ♥️

    Shawn Reply

    Don’t forget James White will be back next week too!

roxxylala26 Reply

I love hearing him talk on these post games media questions. Just my ignorance but for a football player he is so smooth & articulate in what he is trying to get across.

    Nique Flames Reply

    No ignorance you are 100% correct

marco B Reply

I think it time to get a GORDON Jersey

    Japheth Taylor Reply

    I’ve been waiting too

    Suor Guy Reply

    Mine already shipped 🥰

    Milky Milkman Reply

    Got mine in time for the Miami game.

    Paul Ribera Reply

    Got mine from the pro shop @gillette the Friday before the first game against the Steelers.. wear it every Sunday!! Love this guy..

    Nicholas Garland Reply

    Gordon is a role model to the New England area. There’s a lot of people his story connects with.

Jeremy Todd Reply

Love this guy I hope he can stay straight and keep his head in the right space I think he is a good person just had the wrong ones around him. Keep it up it’s one day at a time.

Manuel Solis Reply

Its the quiet ones that kill ya

Austin Ahern Reply

Nice win!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

Billy Asegan Reply

Dominant player. Josh is an awesome dude. Hope he stays healthy this season 🏈💲💰.

Anton Kruz Reply

As a New England native and Pats fan, it’s amazing to see the transformation this guy is making with the team. I hope he stays on point and has a long fruitful career

John Johnson Reply

Graet crackback block to help spring Rex on his TD run

This is your year bro 👊

Rosemary Trod Reply

Another Big WIN for my all time favorite team all good luck next week against Bills

Chris Garcia Reply

He plays with heart and you can see that.

AttilatheThrilla Reply

This kid is a true beast mentally and physically 💪

Michael Haas Reply

What a great player and more importantly a great person. Josh is a Hall of Famer for sure and a true leader on this team!!!!

r m smith Reply

He’s very easy to like, as he speaks and as he plays football.

Zach Barber Reply

Im Rooting for you dude on and more importantly off the field, one day at a time.

Randy Farnsworth Reply

The best men go through hell and fight back to beat their daemon. Much respect 🙏

Eric Wiitala Reply

His speech is different now than anytime I’ve heard him in the past years. He’s getting it. Keep up the great work Josh!

EaST CoAsT MaCHete Reply

Josh made some tough catches that will be a luxury for sure stay on the field josh we’re rooting for you.

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Josh, that was a great game for you and the team. We all wish you that you will be the mainstay of this team and everyone will see YOUR ABILITY this season.

    Konstantin Frhr. v.B. Reply

    Danke Charly, es ist völlig korrekt, es war ein Genuss ihn spielen zu sehen und wie er sich für das Team eingesetzt hat, unglaublich. Ich hatte die Luft angehalten und befürchtete schon, dass er sich die Hand gebrochen hätte.

    Bee bee Reply

    Er hat einfach nur supi gespielt, ein grandioser Teamplayer. Ja, hoffentlich hat er sich seine Hand nicht verletzt, nicht auszudenken, wenn….

Elias Orona Reply

Josh has change, I’m really happy for him. Keep doing u Josh, you have prove alot of people wrong. Cheering for u 24/7 let’s goo

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