Josh Gordon on Antonio Brown: ‘He has a great football IQ.” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
rick carusotto

Josh Gordon looks like he is really at peace with everything he’s been fighting

    Jum Broni

    Cleary you don’t know how demons work


    Yea, I hope so. He sounded that way last year too though. I wish him the best and hope that football helps him turn a corner, but addiction is a constant struggle even when things are going well.

    Donald Wilson

    Zach Zwarick id say im pretty addicted to weed rn. But he was doing other more dangerous drugs

Brett Dione

Them dolphins looked like barnacles on a whale, they were just holding on him.

the business handler

Stay good gordon we love you in Boston do what you need to do to stay healthy

Brootality Dawg


My Dumass -

Gordon look great, he seems humble and fitting into the Patriots way perfectly.


    He speaks very well, looks healthy and has a great opportunity to truly find himself.

    Darren Bennett

    I was thinking the same thing. If he stays straight…. Watch out

P Pumpkin

It’s a shame all these reporters just want to ask Josh about other players

    Gabriel Anthony

    I agree but I just dont thing he cares much about accolades. He seems very humble. I’m glad the NFL continues to give him chances, hes a good human being.

    Franklin Rayo

    Why is it a shame, hater?


    Franklin Rayo I don’t think it’s hating, but they asked Josh maybe 2 questions about himself. The rest were about Tom or Antonio. That can definitely be annoying. I think he expects it but still reporters could ask better & more personal questions

    Los Angeles KlauwlGeorge

    @Franklin Rayo stupid

Patrick Diggins

There’s no player I cheer for more than josh Gordon. Guy has the chance to Inspire a lot of people, New England seems to be a perfect place for him.

    Ray Paramio

    Patrick Diggins What about AB? I think he needs help too. Best of luck to Gordon and keep fighting that battle.

    Ralph Gillespie

    I agree I wish he had more touches.. I was excited for him to start fresh with us. Now he answering for AB

Bear Archambault

Is he rockin’ a pocket watch? That’s style.


Let’s Gooooooooo J. Gordon πŸ’ͺ! Easy W! Great game by the defense again! Go Pats!

Chad Lamoureux

JG looks great!!! Pat’s Nation loves and supports you Josh!!!

Chris Collier

This team thing, where your teammates watch your back. I think Josh has it down. Glad he’s a Patriot

Peter Petruzzi

Flash dressed like he was just at a funeral….oh wait, he was. RIP Miami

    Louise Saint Martine


    Los Angeles KlauwlGeorge

    Fun fact: dolphins got outscored 102-10 so far this season

    L . O . R

    Lol bruh. You’re the first comment I’ve ever liked. πŸ˜‚ Rip to Miami.


    Lmao πŸ˜‚

    Kelo Ryms


Charly Gr. v.L.

All of you ” did your job” πŸ‘πŸ‘
(have a good recovery time) πŸ‘πŸ‘

Mac Ronan

Playin Chess while everyone else is playing checkers

Justin Fever

As much as the patriots get crapped on, nobody seems to mention how well they rehabiltate players careers and lives.


    people with problems need stability, structure, and discipline. No other nfl team can really offer that like the Pats can. And not only that, they have proven their methods work, so you cant really argue with them. I think a lot of troubled people seek help from people or organizations that cant visible show success, so its hard to buy in. A millionaire doesnt want to listen to a broke social worker that makes 30k a year. But an organization filled with some of the most successful people in your industry. That can grab your attention.

    Eddie Wallace

    He’s a millionaire who just did drugs he had a rough child hood
    It not a big deal

    Vox Populi

    Yeah man I’m happy they had faith in him and didn’t drop him. It’s paying off in a big way for all parties now


Last season was the Miami miracle, this season was the Miami massacre

    god mind

    Lmao. That was funny as hell

    Schmittyyy HighRoller

    Npoppe305 i like this !!!

Jakob Corona

Great Job New England as always
Flash, AB, Jules, PD13, all u guys


Josh you’re playing and living well! I’m very happy for you. Patriots Nation loves you.

Jeremy Stock

I really like this guy. I hope they keep feeding him the ball too!

Chance Shankle

BIG JOSH GORDON FAN HERE! Been rooting for you since the first day you joined the pats. TERRIFIC WIDEOUT! Theres nobody like JG

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