Josh Gordon & Julian Edelman on learning New England’s wide receiver playbook – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kevin Brady

Be well Josh!

Z needs

Man listen i don’t care what the haters going to say about my squad we getting another 💍

    DJ JDB

    @Andres Vanpelt: So people in your quack of a country find people guilty of allegations? lol.

    Andres Vanpelt

    @DJ JDB AB situation is only one of many….

    DJ JDB

    @Andres Vanpelt: And your country? lol.

    NhuTech Foundation

    King J-dub I don’t think the nfl will suspend him due to the fact they will get a lot of backlash from the people. They’re trying to boost their ratings rather than dip again.

    Turrell Ford

    Duhhh i said that to everyone they going to see it happen


Pats are gonna be BALLING out this season


    Yeah man, this is a team of studs!



Godfather Shades

Big fan of Josh Gordon. Overcoming your demons is a journey.

    Josh Dupee

    Godfather Shades ODAAT

    Tully Harold


    darrick steele

    @Scott Gibson They keep testing for weed because it’s the “tattle-tale” drug. Stays in the system so long, it’s hard to hide. Everyone knows that weed is not a big issue but if they keep it on the list of banned substances then when they find it they have their justification for prying a little further. Only my opinion of course but I feel like it’s a pretty solid one.
    Either way, good on him for cleaning up.

    Scott Gibson

    @darrick steele Its funny they dont do much drug testing in the NHL, you can guess why. I know a lot of pot smokers especially since its legal here and the only only other drugs I know they abuse are prescription drugs. I myself am more a health nut so drugs dont really cut it, that said I am older and ski and mt bike very hard, many of my friends regularly use weed and pain killers, the all are fairly well off.

Skrilla Man

I love forgiveness! I love grace! And josh is a good example of what happens when you embrace someone when they are down rather then alienate them. I have a special place in my heart for josh and people like him who are humble and know their short comings. Humility is a tough thing to achieve and I couldn’t have done it with Christ! God bless

    Mr Wick

    Love this comment! Absolute truth 🙂 Thanks for sharing such positivity

    Junoo 7

    Skrilla Man god has definitely changed his life with new opportunity’s

marco B

I’ve been enjoying listening to Josh talk and becoming more and more of a fan everyday

Elias Orona

How crazy can it look, AB, Edelmen and Gordon with 90 sum receiving yards lol. Can’t wait for Sunday 😎

Gavin James

My two favourite players. Josh and Jules. Reminds me of Pulp Fiction!

Eman Paul

LET’S GOOOOOOO like to see you 3 getting along LET’S GOOOOOOO Get BRADY#7 JE11 4th AB 1st

Big White Duck

1 day at a time with Gordon, he could do it

Antonio Del Carmen

Just look at Gordon’s eyes… he looks and talks like a Patriot now. So happy for him! He’s going to do a lot of great things!!! Go Pats!

Sixto Torres

Josh seems very eloquent, we the Pat’s nation want to see you succeed.

The Choke Her -HA HA HA-

Josh Gordon looks like a guy who has turned his life around. He definitely looks more with it this year

    Mark Jordan

    and may it continue 😉

    Donnie Francis

    The Choke Her -HA HA HA- You can tell he’s not a fan of talking to reporters. Dude is super shy. Hope he continues getting better. Can’t help but root for the guy.

Just Saying

Josh Gordon seems like a really humble dude. I feel like he was destined to wind up with a team like NE and settle himself out.

Zeekee Reen

More than the football side of things, I’m just glad to see Josh looking well.


Respect to gordan, never give up!

The Dynasty Continues

We are all rooting for your success big fella. Both on and off the field.

Charly Gr. v.L.

MIAMI – that will be YOUR TIME, guys. Do your job –
Good Luck 👍👍

Samuel Reed

Imagine trying to cover Gordon, Brown and Edelman at the same time. Sounds like a night mare! #7.


I’m rooting for Josh, not just in football, but in life.

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