Josh Gordon: “I am extremely filled with gratitude every day” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Aaron Wonder Reply

It’s feels good seeing Josh back on the field

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Josh, a warm welcome back from all of us from overseas.
All the best for your future, this year/season is yours – 👍👍

    Konstantin Frhr. v.B. Reply

    Danke Liebes, sehr treffende und anteilnehmende Worte.

    Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

    @Konstantin Frhr. v.B. Er ist ein MENSCH und verdient Respekt. Das ist alles, comprende??!!!😉

    Ken Sturm Reply

    Charly Gr. v.L. Funny people in Deutschland like America football. Dunke schon Tschuss!

    Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

    @Ken Sturm Thanks Ken.
    We Germans love every sport where a German is/was active. Sebastian started 2009 playing fb-saison with the pats.
    It is not easy = language, other environment etc. We as a nation are always very proud when someone has achieved something.
    Have fun with the fb-saison 2019/2020. All the best for you.

Epic Over Fifty Reply

Josh even sounds like a Patriot now he is downright professional. I’m really hoping nothing but the best for Josh as he seems like such a nice young man.

    AbuGarcia Reply

    That’s how he has always been man, he is top 3 WR in the game … if he stays healthy he will go down as 1 of the greats… I hope he does!

    lamakicker69 Reply

    He’s always been really well spoken, I’d say most people despite who they are a fan of are still rooting for Gordon to do well because he just a genuine dude that has struggled with his own problems and never hurt anyone else

    Patsfan1017 Reply

    Epic Over Fifty yes. I’m rooting for him so he can keep playing

    Brooks Broox Reply

    He always sounds like that if not more eloquent. Look up his older interviews. That’s one thing people can’t take away from him.

Veronica L. Brümmer Reply

Glad to see you back Josh!!! You are a great person and great player!!! You deserve all the best. Keep up your good job!!!!

jp trout Reply

I know his struggles so I am rooting for ya josh… lets go!

    jp trout Reply

    @murky budzif you think that he went to rehab for trees then you are a complete moron.

    Gamer702x Reply

    murky budz and you can be addicted to weed. It’s called dependency

    Dylan Seguin Reply

    murky budz he’s addicted to alcohol Xanax and cocaine

    Andrew Christie Reply

    @murky budz He has a cocaine addiction that he has been fighting, thought you knew.

    Patsfan1017 Reply

    jp trout same.

Malisha Guerrier Reply

Got nervous for 2 seconds cause I thought his arm or shoulder got hurt. It looks like he’s wearing a sling lol

    The Film Effect Reply

    I literally thought the same thing. My stomach dropped when I first saw the thumbnail. lol.

    Malisha Guerrier Reply

    The Film Effect yeah the thumbnail was so deceptive

    Johnny Lawrence Reply

    Lol same here

    Claudio Perez Reply


FireDwnBlo 7 Reply

He sounds like he’s in a good place! Glad to have him back.

TheDieHardWWEAddict Reply

I think he’s truly happy to be a Patriot

    Speedyreedy1218 Reply

    Who wouldn’t be? ☺

    Bear Archambault Reply

    The Pats could use this as a recruitment video.

    Michael Williams Reply

    I saw that genuine smile too. Josh is righting his ship

    meaturama Reply

    He’s truly happy when he smokes crack.

Aidan MacKenzie Reply

I love having him on the team, and wish him the absolute best as we move through the season!

    M T Reply

    What position do you play for the Patriots?

    Ktime360 OG Reply

    @M T huh

    M T Reply

    @Ktime360 OG oh Aidan MacKenzie said we. I didn’t remember seeing that name on the Patriots 53 man

    Patsfan1017 Reply

    Aidan MacKenzie yes. Praying he stays clean from the weed

    Patsfan1017 Reply

    PAUL Z yup 1 day at a time. He has all offseason to smoke weed

Blackheads TV Reply

I’m glad Bill and Kraft didn’t give up on this talented athlete!! Sky is the limit and go and get yourself a super bowl ring!

    Jake Shattuck Reply

    *another ring

    He got one last year. He wasn’t on the field, but he wasn’t cut.

    Fred Farkash Reply

    @Jake Shattuck agreed but he help are team win games love Josh Gordon think he going to stay a Pat’s player for the rest of his career

    Robert Connors Reply

    Blackheads ……. Josh keep fighting those demons and help your Patriot teammates win Super Bowl #7 . 👍

Caleb TovOrtega Reply

Such an amazing athlete and a mature guy infront of the world. Lets go Flash!

Ian Lim Reply

For me, that first touchdown for him means a whole lot for the whole pats organization. It means so much the fact that the problems he faced and now that he’s back. Welcome back Flash! Soooo happy for you!

Damian Rivera Reply

Winning is the best high in the world!

    Steve G Reply

    Hopefully winning becomes his new drug of choice

    babyroses12 Reply

    @Steve G appears fragile to me, like i would be afraid he will relapse at any time. Great player but that is not the issue, it’ can he be mentally strong enough to stay off drugs

Jordan Davis Reply

As a Ravens fan I have the utmost respect to the Patriots organization for looking out for Josh. He’s one of my favorite players in the league and it brings a smile to my face to see him doing well

    Jake Shattuck Reply

    Fun Fact: Bill Belichick is known for trading down in the draft to gain additional picks, but as Browns head coach he traded UP to pick Ray Lewis. Ozzie Newsome credits Bill, the culture he created and that move for your first championship.

    Speedyreedy1218 Reply

    @Jake Shattuck GB with John Dorsey as their GM was about to get Ray right before Baltimore jumped.

    Matt Dias Reply

    @Jake Shattuck Bill trades up when he see’s something he really values.

Lacrosse24ify Reply

Josh is a beast. That boy was out there balling. Keep it going Josh!

justinredman Reply

Extremely professional and gracious interview. Keep that head on straight, Josh. Addiction is no joke. You got this, one game at a time and one day at a time!

Murffly3 Reply

JG…top receiver in the NFL if he stays on track! Good man!


    Gordon>ab if u ask me this dude is special it sucks all he has went trhough he could of been an all time great.

Animesh Gandhi Reply

I really hope the Pats can help Josh conquer his inner demons. He seems and sounds like a brilliant dude and I don’t him to waste his life away. He is with the most appropriate team in the NFL if he wants to turn over a new leaf.

    Mr. Dream Maker Reply

    Animesh Gandhi he’s definitely changed listen to how he sounds in this interview vs the uninterrupted interview it’s night and day

Jason-doc- Holiday Reply


Boondock Reply

I love this guy so much. Please please please please let things work out for him with his life.

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