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Josh Allen | “We Take Pride in What We Do”

Quarterback Josh Allen addressed the media after practice topics include; blocking downfield, red zone offense, and Tight End Tyler Kroft returning to practice.

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Michael Malley Reply

Most exciting player in the league.

Jamal Ginsburg Reply

It would be nice to see 3- 0 going into the New England game.

    TheOmiester Reply

    Jamal Ginsburg it would be great

Mark Mckinney Reply

Josh Allen is the man! Go Bills!!!!!

Elliot Eisler Reply

Thatโ€™s my quarterback! ๐Ÿ˜…

Bill Perez Reply

No matter how his career plays out this young man has a good head on his shoulders….I’m glad he is a Bill….this young man plays w/heart, and he has fun… fact they all play w/heart and are having a good time….and they all seem to have their heads on straight…..I credit the org. for that from the owner, the GM, and ALL the coaches…..this has been missing for a long time…..big difference from the last coach Buffalo had….no matter what happens this team has made football fun to watch again in W.N.Y……wish I still lived there……GO BILLS !!!!

    xebache777 Reply

    Nicely put.

John Budzinski Reply

I’m really hoping he spends his whole NFL career with Buffalo

    InDaZone Reply

    Me too. And I think heโ€™s trending in that direction. Loving the progress.

dotatough Reply

I wish the media department took pride in what they do. Another interview, another hearing aid purchased by a fan trying to hear the questions.

    dantaniondb Reply

    dotatough I know…it’s very annoying; and it’s a league-wide complaint!

    TheMastaPlan Reply

    try headphones

joe smith Reply

YELDON TIME BABY. hes very talented. Cant wait

joe smith Reply

Allen will put 40 on the bungals

    Jeremy Deveraux Reply


wyomingtrout Reply

He did his time in Wyoming so expect him to progress even faster than machine gun Kelly!

Captain Pennsylvania Reply

Making us proud to be Bills fans!

Randy Cimino Reply

There is no reason for us not to be able to hear the questions. That would make this interview actually watchable. I love my Bills but this is BS.

dantaniondb Reply

It’s hard to not like Josh Allen. In a brief post game interview Sunday, Giants OLB Markus Golden #44 had some very kind words about our QB:”He’s a good player…a good quarterback. He’s got a bright future. I’ve got a lotta respect for him.” I think that’s verbatim. DB

Mike F Reply

Why drop these videos if you cant mic the room?

Matthew Reply

IDK when…but we’re gonna win a Super Bowl with this kid.

Ryan Bippes Reply

Who else is pumped about the idea that we might have a franchise quarterback?

xebache777 Reply

I love our TEAM – Every thing Mr. Perez says below. They are a good role model for young athletes. Commitment – fun – heart. Our QB is a good leader. Watching him mature is gonna be exciting.
To the Fellas- have fun, stay healthy, play hard.

Melanie Ostrovsky Reply

What’s not to like ??
LOVE this kid !!!

TheMastaPlan Reply

what a great QB…..going over to Knox, a rookie, and reminding him how he is contributing even when HE isn’t the one scoring…GREAT LEADERSHIP!

TheMastaPlan Reply

everyone complaining of sound and not hearing the questions…try headphones

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